Your Answers to Cancer: How Can a Gynecological Support Group Allay My Fears? | Health, Medicine and Fitness

Have you been diagnosed with gynecological cancer? If you have been diagnosed with cancer, joining a support group can be helpful. A support group is a group of two or more people in similar situations who meet regularly to discuss shared life experiences. During the session, a facilitator is present to guide you through the discussion and provide you with unconditional support.

Studies have shown that peer support associated with a cancer diagnosis can reduce anxiety and improve your quality of life. Some studies suggest that a support group may even increase survival. Support groups offer individuals the opportunity to share their experiences and feelings with others in similar circumstances within the group. It’s a place to be heard and understood in a way that your usual support system may not be able to help.

A cancer diagnosis can feel isolating, resulting in loneliness, distress, anger, disbelief and fear. Even the most supportive friends and family members don’t understand what you’re going through unless they’ve been through cancer themselves.

Jennifer C. Burleigh