Which: HP Pavilion 17 or Dell Latitude E6510?

My first post. Good morning!

I don’t know where to post this, but since I’m hoping to upgrade one of these laptops, I hope this is the right place to go for help.

My situation:

I recently acquired 2 laptops.

Both require some attention (new RAM, Windows reinstalls), I want to know which of these 2 systems would be best for me to do video editing until I can build my own tower that will meet all my needs.

Laptop #1:

HP Pavilion 17 Laptop – Model e118dx

AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon HD graphics, 1900 Mhz, 4 cores, 4 logical processors (x64 based)

– Only 4 of the 8 GB of RAM currently installed

Currently this HP needs a fresh install of Windows 10 to get rid of all the junk files from the old owner that are creating very slow startup issues (it takes forever to even click the start button or whatever thing). .

Laptop #2

Dell Latitude E6510 (15″)

Intel Core i7, Q 720 @ 1.60 GHz, 1600 MHz, 4 cores, 8 logical processors

– Looks like one of the (2) 4 gigabyte RAM strips needs to be replaced.

My delima is that I bought 2 new 3rd party batteries for the Dell, but they won’t work to start the PC.

I’ve searched everywhere for issues related to what I’m getting, but no one has the solution to fix my problem – namely, when booting, the Dell logo appears, the boot progress bar ends, then it goes into hibernation/black screen and never fully loads Windows.

For this reason, I’m willing to decide if the Dell is the best system for my video editing needs right now, I’m going to put up with the battery issue and just use it plugged into its power supply.

However, if the HP is a better system for my editing needs, I’ll upgrade to full RAM (instead of getting a new RAM slot for the Dell), install a fresh Windows 10, and be happy until that I can build my custom tower.

Based on the stats I gave, it would be nice if someone could tell me which of these 2 systems would be the way to go for video editing.

I’m extremely knowledgeable about computers, but when it comes to which of these two would be better, in my experience, I’m just not sure.

I just don’t want to get new RAM for the Dell and suffer from the power limitations of the brick alone, so getting new RAM for the HP and a new Win10 would be the better bet.

It’s easy to pick some things over others, like the 17″ screen is better for video editing, while the Dell’s flat gloss is better for viewing without glare or reflections – but most importantly, is to have a more efficient machine for editing video.

Your thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you!

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Jennifer C. Burleigh