What you need to know about LRPD’s new mobile app

The Little Rock Police Department has released a new app that allows users to get real-time notifications about city events and communicate directly with officers.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas—The Little Rock Police Department unveils a brand new application, YourLRPDavailable for download for iOS and Android devices.

With the rollout of the new app, the Little Rock Police Department becomes the first public safety agency in Arkansas to collect real-time advice and evidence.

The app is designed to streamline communication between citizens and the city’s police department, with leaders excited about what the app could mean for the region.

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. called the app a one-stop-shop for LRPD-related resources and information. He also said they had invested in the app to promote better communication between the public and the Little Rock police.

“When we talk about technology, we talk about transparency. We’re talking about more information for the residents of Little Rock, more information for our media as it relates to Little Rock, our capital,” Mayor Scott said.

The app has associated with atlas onewhich is a digital communications platform helping governments and public safety authorities across the United States

According to Atlas One representative, Jamieson Johnson, the platform offers similar applications such as YourLRPD in 10 other cities.

“App users will be able to see service calls submitted to the LRPD within 12 hours. More importantly, users may prefer to set up push alerts for specific areas of interest such as your home, place of work or your children’s school,” Mayor Scott said.

So when the police receives a specific call in the areas you have set up push alerts for, you will be notified of the incident through the app.

Apart from push alerts, users can also use the app’s online messaging system to submit crime tips. Additionally, users can send real-time images, video, and audio if they are at the scene of an incident or have important evidence to share.

So with all of that in mind, how exactly does the app work? Here’s a step-by-step overview of what to expect:

  • Download YourLRPD for free from Apple App Store or Google Pay Store.
  • Create an account and profile in the app.
  • You can share your location or add favorite places you want to follow.
  • If an alert occurs near your current location or any of the places you want to track, the app will send a push notification alert.
  • If you have a crime tip or proof, you can easily share texts, photos, audio and videos with LRPD through the app.

If you wish to remain anonymous when sending tips, you can use the hide identity slide available during messaging.

As for the inner workings of the app, Major Casey Clark said the real-time data comes directly from their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system which runs alongside AtlasOne programming.

“Our hope is simple. The more information we can give citizens, the more they can give us in hopes of making a city and a community safer. [and] help us solve crimes,” Major Clark said.

He shared that people can report anything from illegally parked cars to crimes they just witnessed.

Their app allows them to send this information directly to a service agent. This gives the public the opportunity to see that agents are paying attention and to know exactly who is responsible for answering the calls people receive.

The app tracks from 7 a.m. to midnight, which means you can get real-time responses from law enforcement through the app during those hours.

Current Acting Chief Crystal Young-Haskins spoke at the app launch as what she said was last seen in a public forum as she prepares to leave the department on Friday the 16th June 2022.

“It started with Chief Humphrey as a child of his brain. He brought it to the team and gave Major Clark the task of being our department’s gold champion,” Young said. – Haskins. “We worked with IT, they did all the heavy lifting.”

She said the benefits of the project come in the form of increased accessibility and transparency, but most importantly, it aligns with their mission to build legitimacy and trust in the community.

“I hate that Chief Humphrey retired before it materialized, but this is just another testament to the progressiveness of the City of Little Rock and your police department in trying to ensure citizens have the information they need,” said Young-Haskin.

YourLRPD is another step in the city’s commitment to improving public safety and reducing crime in Little Rock.

If you download the YourLRPD app, the privacy policy states that the app automatically receives information “from your web browser or mobile device.” This includes the name of the website “from which you accessed our [app]…as well as the name of the website you will visit when you leave our [app.]”

Information collected by the App may also include your IP address and “data about your browsing activity” while using the App.

The app also collects location data including GPS and IP tracking.

The app is free to download from Apple App Store and Google Pay.

Jennifer C. Burleigh