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We offers clear advantages for the self-employed loan!

Higher credit opportunities through online banks and personal loans!

Higher credit opportunities through online banks and personal loans!

The credit portal creditend is probably the most comprehensive online comparison portal for installment credit in the world : In addition to all the leading online credit banks, the borrower also has the option of obtaining loans from private individuals. As a result, creditend also differs from the credit marketplace moneyor, which conveys only loans from private individuals.

With the additional possibility of private loans (without a bank!), Self-employed and tradespeople have a good chance of obtaining a loan through the private sector. The practice shows that many online banks are still unwilling to offer self-employed loans. The reason lies in the supposedly higher default risk on the one hand and in the greater effort to assess creditworthiness in comparison to loans for employees and civil servants on the other hand.

Our experience and the numerous feedback from creditend customers clearly show that it is very worthwhile for the self-employed to have access not only to online banks but also to private investors. The latter proves to be particularly useful for borrowers with special credit requirements, as here offers the opportunity to present the request for credit of private investors. This possibility of detailed discussion of the personal situation and the loan project is a central element in the lending of private investors. 28inyz79nl?ref=f8fe2d60&a bid=d1db604b

creditend with unique feature

With its comprehensive comparison portal, which includes not only online credit banks but also loans from private individuals, creditend clearly differs from the many other credit companies, which are either only a credit intermediation model consisting of online banks or operate a sole credit marketplace for loans from private to private (eg moneyor).

The creditend concept has convinced independent testers several times over the years. For example, the financial magazine EURO creditend was the winner of all German loan portals. Stiftung Warentest also rated creditend positively for four consecutive years. The trade magazine advises: “If you want to try it with a loan application over the Internet, creditend.de is first choice”.

Best Price Guarantee as another creditend USP

The best price credit guarantee offered by creditend is considered by the credit industry to be another unique selling proposition (USP) feature compared to its competitors.

“If you need a cheap credit quickly and easily, then you have come to the right place,” explains Alexander Artopé, Managing Director and co-founder of creditend GmbH. “Our offer, Germany’s cheapest online loan ‘keeps what the name promises: A credit on best terms for everyone.”

Conclusion: The credit opportunities for self-employed people are higher with creditend because of the comprehensive comparison possibilities (online banks AND private loans).

Alternatives to creditend?

Our other recommendations are financinga for short-term loan solutions up to 100,000 euros and compeon and kapilendo for higher loan amounts. kapilendo lends up to 2.5 million euros by means of crowdlending. Other alternatives for short-term loans for self-employed to 100,000 euros are the credit intermediaries Crediter, Pixocredit and moneyor.

We recommend moneyor for smaller loan projects requiring explanation, as the loan project can be presented in detail to the investors here. Experience shows that this has a very positive effect on lending. More about: Secret tip Crowdlending: Alternative loan for the self-employed with good chances of success!

For bridging loans for fast and unbureaucratic correction of financing bottlenecks, we recommend financinga for short-term loan solutions up to 100,000 euros and compeon for larger loans! More on this in the monthly published bridging loan ranking.

For self-employed the following practical tips should be interesting…

  1. Find the cheapest loan offer instead search: With the credit formula can save up to 40% interest!
  2. Hardly any company is aware that factoring as a credit alternative for medium-sized companies is not only an interesting solution in times of crisis!
  3. Always first study credit requirements, and then submit the application! This saves unnecessary frustration and false hopes.
  4. A credit insurance can be helpful as additional security!
  5. Often forgotten: A financially strong guarantor always increases the chances of getting a loan (including cheaper credit terms).
  6. In addition to a guarantee or credit insurance, there are other securities that increase the chances of a loan.

Loans for the self-employed, freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and small businesses find loan seekers in our practice guide loan for the self-employed.