‘We have to do something now’ Local stations remain cautious as Monkeypox cases rise

With more events coming to the desert, some resorts are preparing to stay ahead of any outbreak of Monkeypox.

The county told News Channel 3 that 34 of the county’s 35 Monkeypox cases were in the Coachella Valley.

“We have to do something now. There aren’t really any options. If we don’t, we’re going to…you know, who knows what this might turn into,” said All Worlds Resort owner Austin Basford.

With Monkeypox hitting the LGBTQ+ community hard, Basford said he was doing what he could to stay one step ahead. All Worlds is one of the only gay hotels in the Coachella Valley.

“Of course we are ready to do anything because if we do it now, or we will have to do it later in much greater numbers.”

Much like the Covid-19 pandemic, Basford said he was working closely with the county and DAP health to keep the community safe. “They said, well, what can you do? They begin to explain that we have to limit this, limit that. I said, I mean close? And they said, would you do that? And I said, it’s done. As of now we are closed until we hear from you.

All Worlds has canceled its night passes at this time. “Actually, I declined an event. And I’m refusing another right now. And you know, I just thought now was not the time and I explained to them that you know, I’ll give you a good deal next time we start racing again, but that’s just not the time to have these kinds of intimate events.

And in Cathedral City, the gay hotel CCBC Resort, also remains cautious. They are working with the county and have canceled all upcoming events until vaccines are more accessible.

And with big upcoming events like Splash House, Palm Desert resident Isaiah Manalili said he’s a little apprehensive about attending. “I’m nervous for Splash House and Monkeypox, all of this being so close and there’s not enough information floating around. Like, everyone’s just not prepared right now for what could possibly happen. .

He said he would keep his distance when he goes to the event. “Maybe just maybe wear a tank top to avoid rubbing shoulders with people who might have lesions on their bodies, but yeah, I’d say stick with my friends.”

He hopes vaccines will be more readily available, so he doesn’t have to worry so much about them.

“There should be a huge push for vaccines and increased production for everyone in general. But especially for us, our type of population and our region,” Manalili said.

Jennifer C. Burleigh