Vice-mayor Mariaca recognized by Business Forum Group, Rotary Club of Doral


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As she completed her term as Vice-Mayor of the City of Doral 2018-2019, Claudia Mariaca was recognized by the Business Forum Group, the Rotary Club of Doral, several community organizations, as well as residents and owners of company for their dedication and leadership. role.

The charter of the town of Doral determines that the post of vice-mayor by default rotates each year, at the first council meeting in November, for the vice-mayor to be appointed for a one-year term. From 2018-2019, member of the Council of Seat 1, Claudia Mariaca served as Vice-Mayor, working with Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez and his fellow council members, to take up challenges and champion initiatives that resulted in an incredible year for residents, businesses and visitors.

Mariaca said, “I believe the best way to serve our community is to participate. I am proud to see how we have come together in Doral, government, residents and businesses, to develop projects and policies aimed at continuing to improve the quality of life. Now we must stay the course to maintain accountability, efficiency and responsible growth. “

Achievements over the past year include:

BUDGET: The mileage rate continues to be the second lowest in Miami-Dade County out of 34 municipalities;

SAFETY: more officers, vehicles, equipment, new body cameras, officers in every school in Doral, opening of Doral emergency operations center, hurricane preparedness;

ODOR: The environmental working group completed the study, the City officially protested the expansion of the Medley landfill and continued soil and air sampling / testing;

TRAFFIC AND PUBLIC WORKS: New road openings, traffic calming devices along 22 communities, citywide signal synchronization, joint agreement with MDC for signals at NW 97th Ave. and 102nd Ave. along NW 74th Street, sidewalk improvements along 10 lanes, storm-water improvements, extension of cart and FREEBEE services;

YOUTH & FAMILY: opening of Doral Glades park, opening of MAU park, expansion of the Young Citizen Police Academy, Ritmo Doral, President of Autism Speaks, bus for youth programs, enhanced PTSA grant program, program coding, National Kicking Day, Recreation and Sports Camps, Silver Club Programs, AARP Senior Community Service Program, Special Needs;

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: lowest unemployment rate on record, opening of Doral visitor center, facade program extended to HOAs, hiring preference for procurement projects, Google workshops, cybersecurity for small businesses, awareness campaign with ADA business compliance, full enumeration committee (census); and much more.

BOND: creation of a monitoring committee, cultural center – awarded call for tenders, white course park project, pedestrian bridge;

ART, CULTURE AND COMMUNITY: Art After Dark, Public Space Art Advisory Council, Music Art, Blacksmith’s Art Workshop, Capture Doral Photography Exhibition.

This year, Mariaca was particularly interested in supporting the Doral Police Department to further improve public safety. She has been on police rides during various shifts, to understand the situations and challenges our officers face when serving our community. Additionally, every school day in the morning, she puts on a life jacket and volunteers at a school in Doral to help with the drop-off area, helping to keep children safe and improve traffic flow in the area.

As part of her dedication to the community, Mariaca this year chaired the Autism Speaks Walk, responding to the most urgent needs of our autistic community through research, family services, advocacy and outreach. , thus genuinely improving the lives of people with autism and their families.

Regarding state law, Deputy Mayor Mariaca has testified before committees for the No-Texting & Driving Act helping to save lives, and has strongly advocated for a law on the liability of the association of owners.

According to Pete De La Torre, President of Doral’s Business Forum Group, “Vice-Mayor Mariaca is a dear friend of the Business Forum Group. She is and continues to be a steadfast, dedicated and passionate servant to the residents and business community of Doral.

Doral Rotary President Guillermo Palomo said: “Over the years, Claudia has been one of the best carriers of the Doral Rotary Club, its values ​​and its projects for the community and its citizens. We are eternally grateful for his support and friendship. She embodies the Rotarian spirit and our dedication to serving our community above ourselves.

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