Three major oncology events took place in Singapore hosted by the United Arab Emirates

Experts from Asia-Pacific, India, Middle East, USA and UK

Return to one of the first in-person events in over two years

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Singapore hosted a series of oncology-related meetings that began from August 18 to August 21, marking their first return to live, in-person events in more than two years since the start of the covid pandemic.

2nd Young Women’s Forum (YWF), 6th International BRCA Forum (iBRCAf) and 9th Asia Pacific Gastroenterology Cancer Summit (APGCS) co-hosted at Grand Hyatt Singapore to bring clinical best practices and scientific updates world leaders, discuss difficult cases and understand multidisciplinary approaches to the management of breast cancer in young women.

The scientific and organizing committees of YWF, iBRCAf and APGCS are committed to presenting new scientific evidence from world leaders, the impact of precision medicine on patient care, standards of care and cancer management protocols, and aim to foster collaborations by providing a panel of multidisciplinary teams to discuss difficult cases and build a future perspective for the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region.

The events are the result of a tireless collaboration between oncologists and experts from Asia-Pacific, India, the Middle East, the United States and the United Kingdom. More than 20 countries participated with large participation from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines and Indonesia. The three events saw 130 expert speakers throughout 25 scientific sessions and 10 poster presentations presenting the most advanced information. Participants also received CME accredited hours through the Singapore Medical Council.

The Young Women’s Forum manager started the series on Thursday, August 18 to draw attention to the difficult facts that young women with breast cancer face when pursuing treatment options, most of which are based on clinical data from older women. YWF also shed light on how having a complex disease at such a young age affects a crucial part of life from reproductive cycles, family life and careers.

More than 160 people were physically present for YMF and another 550 attended virtually.

YWF was organized by Dr Rebecca Dent, NCCS, Singapore; Dr Véronique Tan, NCCS, Singapore; and Dr Tira Tan, NCCS, Singapore & Dr Shaheenah Dawood, Mediclinic Hospital, Dubai

The International Breast Cancer Forum, held on Friday August 19, presented clinicians and researchers with the latest information on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. iBRCAf will see around 200 physical attendees and over 600 virtual attendees.

The iBRCAf was one of the leading international scientific hybrid forums on hereditary cancer, as it is now known that people who inherit harmful variants of breast cancer gene 1 and breast cancer gene 2 have an increased risk of be diagnosed with several cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer. The iBRCAf meets the needs and interests of clinician researchers and specialists in the field, as well as those of primary care providers who want to know more about how to assess their patients and to whom to refer them.

iBRCAf was organized by Dr Shaheenah Dawood, Mediclinic Hospital, Dubai; Dr Shona Nag, Sahayadri Group of Hospitals, India; Dr Zhang Zewen, NCCS, Singapore.

Asia-Pacific Gastroenterology Summit Held August 20-21 and hosted global and regional gastric cancer experts. The summit returned to bring together world-class specialists in the field of upper gastrointestinal and esophageal cancers, hepatobiliary malignancies, pancreatic and colorectal cancer with insightful presentations, interactive tumor charts and panel discussions. animated.

APGCS saw live world leaders in the field share their wisdom and expert opinions, and exposed the latest scientific data with dynamic forums, debates and multidisciplinary tumor panels. APGCS had the highest turnout with nearly 250 people attending onsite and over 700 people attending virtually over the course of 2 days.

APGCS was organized by Dr Shaheenah Dawood, Mediclinic Hospital, Dubai; Professor Toh Han Chong, NCCS, Singapore; Teacher. Pierce Chow, NCCS, Singapore; and Dr. Iain Tan, NCCS Singapore.

Professor Toh Han Chong, NCCS, Singapore, said, “This is a year of tremendous excitement, ups and downs, and mind-blowing breakthroughs in gastrointestinal cancers. Antibodies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, continue to improve the lives of many gastrointestinal cancers.

He continued, “The small clinical trial report of 100% overall response rate with the neoadjuvant Dostarlimab-gxly in mismatch repair-deficient rectal cancer is capturing global attention with its novel of future possibility. Liquid biopsy, biomarkers, precision oncology and anatomical facets of colorectal cancer are all making their mark.

Eng. Anas Al Madani, Vice President and CEO of INDEX Holding Group, said: “Our UAE core team have been handling oncology meetings in Singapore for six years, so we were excited about the upcoming events as it has been two years since we had one. We have maintained our strong relationships during these times and our partners and contributors in Singapore have been extremely cooperative with our office in the United Arab Emirates, leaving us all excited and optimistic for the future.

He continued: “Singapore is an amazing country that cares deeply about everyone’s health and healing, which has been emphatically expressed at these conferences.”

INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, managed the preparations and logistics for all three events in Singapore, adding their much-needed expertise to return to in-person events over the past year. With global travel and meeting protocols still complex, keeping communities and visitors safe in the current situation is still a top priority. So, to add another layer of security and to accommodate those unable to travel, all events took place in a hybrid format and were broadcast virtually from the Grand Hyatt, Singapore to global audiences with a commitment to provide an engaging and memorable experience.

INDEX Conferences and exhibitions Org. Est, a subsidiary of INDEX Holding, is the official organizer and Congress secretariat of these three events, with the support of Myanmar Oncology Society, Japanese Society of Medical Oncology, Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Society Malaysia, Professional Society of Genetic Counselors of Asia (PSGCA) and Oncology Society of Singapore.

Jennifer C. Burleigh