This awesome app lets you visit the places where your favorite movies were shot

Discover this new application, SetJetters, which allows you to visit the places where your favorite movies were shot! Here is the app description from the SetJetters website:

SetJetters is the app that puts filming locations in the palm of your hand. We’ve built the bridge between the theater (or the couch) and the real world of your favorite movies. Explore our interactive map to find movie venues near you. Or just type in the movie you’re looking for and we’ll tell you where it was shot. And once there, collect a badge for the scenes you visit. Think of us as Pokémon Go but for filming locations. We’ll even help you recreate the scene for the perfect photo ready to share on our SetJetters feed or other social platforms. We also provide you with information on interesting things to discover in the area, such as this Birds café which offers excellent oysters. Visit the worlds of over 900 movies, in 47 countries, in 600 cities, making us the largest mobile movie scene database in the world and growing. Explore the locations of major blockbusters. We have all the scenes from James Bond, Star Wars, Harry Potter and all the Lord of the Rings locations. But if there’s a scene we haven’t visited yet, submit it and let us know where it is. Our game features allow users to collect a badge when they visit a group of scenes that progress up a leaderboard. So download the JetSetters app. Journey inspired by the movies we love.

One of my favorite movies is lost in translation, and it is definitely a dream to visit Tokyo. I downloaded the app to see if they include this movie, and they do! Now I can visit all my favorite scenes from the movie. You can also search around your current location to see what scenes were shot nearby. And it’s fun to see the scene recreation photos that app users upload.

Jennifer C. Burleigh