The Wood Design Center will enable innovative and increased use of wood construction

An agreement to create an industry advisory service for building designers will promote and facilitate greater use of wood in New Zealand buildings, said Te Uru Rākau, Deputy Chief Executive of the New Zealand Forest Service, Jason Wilson.

“This consultancy service, called Timber Design Centre, is an important step in increasing the use of wood in the design and construction of construction projects, particularly in non-residential structures such as offices, hotels and apartments. multi-storey.”

The Center is an initiative between Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service and a consortium including Scion (Crown Research Institute), the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association, the New Zealand Timber Design Society and BRANZ.

“Through this collaboration, the Center will provide information on wood design advice, research and development, as well as specialist technical advice to increase and accelerate the use of wood in buildings. A great example of what is possible with wood design is the world-leading Scion headquarters in Rotorua,” says Jason Wilson.

He says the initiative builds on international experience and learnings and will lead to a shift to using wood to its full technical potential in New Zealand, particularly in mid to high-rise buildings.

“The Center will also provide an independent forum to foster links between the forestry and construction sectors and can develop local expertise, knowledge, techniques and skills on all aspects of the use of engineered wood. in our buildings.

“By overcoming barriers to the use of wood in design and construction, New Zealand has the opportunity to replace steel and concrete with wood, reduce carbon emissions and support the efforts of our countries towards greater environmental sustainability.

“The Center is also a pathway to increase long-term demand for New Zealand wood products and support increased investment in domestic wood processing.”

Te Uru Rākau – The New Zealand Forest Service funds the Center as part of the government program
Fit for a better world roadmap. The Center is one of many key initiatives underway this year to help transform the forestry and wood processing sector.

“By providing an innovative and inspiring source of the latest expert advice and information, the Timber Design Center will inspire building owners and property developers to commission timber buildings,” says Jason Wilson.

“This is an exciting step to help design professionals specify wood in building design and enable builders and contractors to construct high-quality wood buildings that not only support our economic potential, but will also produce strong environmental results for the future.

The Timber Design Center is currently virtual, so head over to
to learn more and participate.

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Jennifer C. Burleigh