The group calls for fairness, justice in the dispensation of social justice

Sample of workshop participants

A civil society organization, Voice Nigeria Social Justice Community, has called on government at all levels not to neglect the practice of social justice, especially in the areas of health, employment and the economy. .

The group advocated for effective practice of social justice at a stakeholder consultative forum in Abuja.

An expert in international development, Mr. Hilary Ogbonna, urged the competent authorities to operate according to the principle of democracy and equity.

Mr. Ogbonna said the level of injustice is visible in the high under-5 mortality rate, especially in Zamfara, Kebbi and Yobe states, pointing out that other injustices are seen in the unemployment rate , nepotism in the principles of federal character, education and non-discrimination.

Senior Program Advisor Citizens’ Common International Abuja, Mr. Olalekan Osunkoya, explained that the forum should use advocacy to end social justice in all areas that affect citizens.

He called on the media to be part of the movement by spreading the right information that would end injustice in the country.

Reporting by Nancy Anikaezie, editing by Daniel Adejo

Jennifer C. Burleigh