Student Group Pilot Program to Explore Local County Culture and History | Latest titles

Moose said she was deeply moved by her participation in the program and was confident it would be a valuable experience for all students at HCSSM Morganton.

“I thought we had to make this possible for every incoming junior,” she said. “As well as the arrival of new faculty and staff who come to learn more about the community they are entering and part of.”

She enlisted the help of Suggs and Watts to create a nine-day program for a pilot group of 10 students, which she hopes to integrate into the humanities curriculum or residential life education program that all students from the Morganton campus will experience during their junior year.

Between Hometown Walkabout sessions, the group also explored the area, visiting several local businesses, landmarks and restaurants. Moose said the group was treated to a free meal at “Treat” and visited many other popular local destinations, including Thornwell Books, Panaderia La Guatemalteca, The Pie Hole, Little Guatemala and Bigfoot Climbing Gym. Plus, they visited the New Day Christian Church, hiked the Fonta Flora trail, saw the Realidades du Sur (Realities of the South) mural at Food Matters Market, and spent a few hours at the Burke County History Museum.

Waits Gordon, chairman of the Burke County History Museum board, said he really enjoyed hosting the group on Jan. 22.

Jennifer C. Burleigh