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(Shenandoah) – After a successful 2021, the Forum to Revitalize Shenandoah is planning a reminder for the New Year.

A long list of new events is either planned or under development for the organization in 2022. Natalie Kirsch, chair of the forum group, discussed some of the planned events in a recent interview on the “Morning Line” program of KMA. Kirsch says one set of activities is the second annual Starry Shenandoah celebration over Independence Day weekend. Last year’s inaugural celebration took place on July 3. July 2nd is the scheduled date for this year’s activities at Priest Park.

“Our goal is to stick with a Saturday,” Kirsch said, “because we’re also trying to stimulate retail. And, if we choose a Sunday, or a real July 4th, those businesses will be closed. is why we chose the 3rd (in 2021). “

Additionally, Kirsch says holding the celebration on July 2 avoids conflict with celebrations in other communities, namely New Market.

“We didn’t want to compete with New Market and their celebration,” she said, “giving people a lot of opportunities and things to do on a weekend so busy they can stay local, they can. share with our events, they can share with events in New Market and other communities doing things on July 4th. “

Another event in the works is a custom motorcycle exhibit and barbecue slated to take place in downtown Shenandoah in June.

“They’re looking to make this a sanctioned event,” Kirsch said, “where there are professional teams looking to come in and have a cooking. There will also be local teams participating. pros versus Joes’ style. “

Kirsch says the forum group is also planning a Valentine’s Day activity focused on women.

“We have ‘Galentine’s Day’ scheduled for early February,” she said. “It will be a girls’ outing. We’re looking at doing a soup-and-salad lunch, and different things to try pampering, maybe including vendors so people can get their names known, and find new people who, if you want a service and don’t don’t know where to go, these are the people you can turn to. “

In the lead up to next Christmas, the forum group hopes to organize a holiday shopping experience for young children. In addition, the organization hopes to contribute to the celebration of Shenfest 2022 in any capacity.

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Jennifer C. Burleigh