Shared bikes to integrate with Solent’s MaaS app

Beryl bikes and e-bikes will be available for rent through a smartphone app. The bikes will be located in designated parking areas in both towns and on the Isle of Wight, with an increasing number of bikes and e-bikes available after an initial launch period.

July 27, 2022

Portsmouth City Council and Solent Transport will introduce a Department for Transport-funded cycle and e-bike hire scheme this summer. Southampton City Council and Isle of Wight Council will also join the scheme, with Beryl being the approved supplier for the Solent region.

The latest in a series of recommendations on Solent’s future transport area, the bike-sharing scheme will be integrated into Solent Transport’s ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) app, which encourages residents and visitors to combine the cycling, walking and public transport as an alternative to car use.

Hear from the Solent FTZ MaaS and Marketing and Beryl teams at the Future Transport Forum 2022, Portsmouth, 14-15 September – and take a guided tour MaaS app walking tour Where take a walk on a Beryl bike

Beryl bikes and e-bikes will be available for rent through a smartphone app. The bikes will be located in designated parking areas in both towns and on the Isle of Wight, with an increasing number of bikes and e-bikes available after an initial launch period.

Benefits for residents will include affordable access to a convenient and healthy mode of transportation, ideal for local recreation and business travel. All bikes will be ‘geo-fenced’, with their location tracked and range of use restricted by the operator. When the bikes are not in use, they will remain locked in the parking areas.

Shared pedal bikes and e-bikes will be fully insured by Beryl and available to those aged 16 or over, who are recommended to wear safety helmets. Riders will have a choice of Pay-As-You-Ride payment method (£1 unlock fee + 5p per minute), minute bundles (no unlock fee and bundles from 100 minutes for £5 ) or daily packages offering 24 hours of unlimited driving. .

Chair of the Solent Transport Joint Committee, Councilor Lynne Stagg, said: “It is important that we do all we can to tackle air pollution, traffic congestion and the decarbonisation of our transport system from good way. I am looking forward to the bike sharing trial which will start later this summer in the Solent region.

Beryl CEO and Co-Founder, Phil Ellis, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to implement Solent Transport’s new bicycle and e-bike rental program and look forward to bringing our experience and our innovation to this exciting project. Our programs are designed to provide the best possible service to users by being delivered both in partnership with cities and in consultation with communities and key stakeholders. Our services provide a fun, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to driving that helps improve public health and reduce harmful carbon emissions.

And in the nearby towns of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole…

Micromobility provider Beryl, in partnership with neighboring Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP Council), is also providing 20 e-bikes for use in the existing project area.

The move makes BCP the second region in the country, after Norwich, to offer three forms of sustainable transport (e-scooters, push bikes and e-bikes) under the same scheme.

Beryl Annual Demographic Survey took place in August 2021 and generated over 1,000 user responses. The survey results showed that while pedal bikes and e-scooters are more popular (than e-bikes) for leisure, e-bikes are better for commuting, shopping or errands. This showed that e-bikes have a complementary ride profile to pedal bikes and e-scooters.

The survey also showed that people using three modes of micromobility are also more likely to have reduced car use. Among respondents who have used three forms of micromobility, 5% said they have completely stopped using their car and 30% said they have used their car less often since using Beryl vehicles.

In areas where users only cycle, no respondents said they had completely stopped using the car and 25% said they had used it less often.

One of the main benefits of using an e-bike is that the electric assist kicks in once the rider starts pedaling. This extra power can open up cities, allowing riders to tackle hills and take on longer journeys. It’s also useful for commuting, helping to reduce physical strain and allowing workers to arrive at work clean and ready to go.

Beryl CEO and Co-Founder Phil Ellis said, “By increasing people’s options and making our program even more accessible, we can hopefully continue to get more people out of the car and onto the road. two wheels.

“E-bikes can help us break down even more barriers to sustainable travel and that can only be positive as we work with the BCP Council to help reduce traffic congestion, improve public health and improve the quality of travel. air.

“We have launched a small initial fleet, but hope that by working with the council we can increase these numbers, if e-bikes prove popular.

“So with the hot weather, long days and sky-high gas prices, it’s a great time to get in the saddle and try e-bikes.”

Councilor Mike Greene, BCP Council’s portfolio holder for transport and sustainability, said: “Beryl e-bikes and scooters are proving to be an incredibly popular and efficient way to get around locally and I’m delighted that even more people can enjoy traveling. by sustainably and actively using these brand new e-bikes.

“They offer a range of benefits, including allowing people with disabilities to enjoy cycling and helping people to ride further and with less physical effort.

“BCP Council is a pioneer in micromobility in the south and I can’t wait to see e-bikes in action this summer.”

Jennifer C. Burleigh