Samsung’s Camera Assistant tweaks the camera app on the Galaxy S22 series to provide a more robust experience

Samsung has released a new Camera Assistant app for Galaxy S22 users, giving them better control over the stock camera app.

Through its community forum, Samsung has released a new app for the Galaxy S22 series called Camera Assistant. The new app brings a lot of customization options for the camera, allowing more granular control over some of the default options and adding new features in the process. Unfortunately, the app is not available through the Google Play Store and you need to download it from the Samsung Good Lock app or the Samsung Galaxy Store.

So, what are some Camera Assistant features? The camera will no longer be stuck taking HDR photos all the time. Users will now have the choice to enable or disable the effect as they wish. While it’s certainly a powerful tool, sometimes you don’t want that processed look and want something a little more raw. Now, this option is finally available. Additionally, users will also have more control over the auto-softening feature, as we don’t always need the skin to be unrealistically silky and smooth.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the new app is the ability for the camera to automatically choose the type of lens it will use. The Samsung app will automatically check the shooting environment and conditions to select the most optimal lens for the situation. For example, if you are close to an object, it will automatically switch to the wide-angle lens to get a better close-up. A new Quick Take function will allow users to shoot video in photo mode by holding down the shutter button.

Additionally, there will be a new option to customize the number of photos taken when setting a timer. It will undoubtedly be a boon for those who often take pictures alone. For now, you’ll have the option of taking one, three, five, or even seven photos when setting a timer. Additionally, there will also be an option to increase shutter speed, allowing fast moving objects like cars or animals to be captured with better clarity. Unfortunately, it will only be available on one lens at the moment, but Samsung is working to extend it to all cameras.

In addition to all of the above, Samsung has also introduced a new camera timeout option, which does pretty much exactly what you think it could do and extends the amount of time the camera stays on. when used. This means the camera will stay on when you’re taking photos or videos, giving you a better chance of capturing something in the moment. Of course, there’s a vast trade-off here regarding battery, so with Samsung being a bit aware, the camera will automatically turn off after two minutes of non-use.

Finally, the Galaxy S22 series can now output via HDMI and display a clean preview without any on-screen menu items. There are probably many reasons to have this, but it could be used for sharing a video on a big TV with the family or maybe showing a presentation in a business setting. If you want to try this new app, you can either head to the Good lock or search for Camera Assistant in the Galaxy Store. Once downloaded, the app can be accessed through the camera settings or the Good Lock app.

Source: Samsung Community

Jennifer C. Burleigh