Payments and fintech industry events to attend in 2022

As we navigate our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, several payments industry events are reopening for offline meetings, so let’s take a look at the top ones so far.

MPE 2022 (Berlin, May 25-27)

The Merchant Payments Ecosystem event will convene in Berlin for its scheduled edition in 2022. Attendees can expect three days of networking opportunities, interactive deep-knowledge workshops, and key speakers in merchant-related fields. and payments.

The hottest industry topics have been rounded up for the 2022 edition and include, among others:

  • Open Banking – Open Finance as the next chapter in open banking;
  • PSD2/SCA – implementation of best practices, data and information on the current performance of EMV 3DS;
  • Buy now, pay later (BNPL), variable recurring payments (VRP) and request payment (RTP);
  • digital currencies and cryptocurrencies – advantages and advantages of accepting cryptocurrencies;
  • security and fraud prevention – digital identity, biometrics, cashierless purchases and trust, tokenization;
  • cross-border: international expansion strategies.

MPE 2022 already has more than 120 speakers, more than 250 traders and 50 exhibitors present at the event.

The awards program remains a popular section to be held at this year’s event, so attendees have the opportunity to submit their entries for 11 categories, including Merchant Acquirer of the Year, Best Solution cross-border merchant and the most innovative prevention/fraud solution. .

Paris Fintech Forum (Paris, 2022)

The event has four seasonal editions, so details for the Spring 2022 edition have yet to be announced. The complex 2021 edition featured over 300 keynote speakers and insights on the hottest finance and fintech topics including Open Banking, Women in Finance and Sustainable Finance.

This year’s edition will cover similar topics, PSD2 being one of the most discussed topics in the field. Those wishing to participate in the event can register on the forum’s official website.

Notable speakers from Amazon, Etoro, Banque de France, PPRO, Accel and Microsoft were among the 2021 attendees, so we expect the 2022 edition to also be booked with professionals high level of payments, e-commerce and e-commerce markets.

RCM Vegas (Las Vegas, NA, March 7-10)

MCR Vegas is back with its March 2022 edition and is recognized as a premier payments and fraud prevention conference for industry professionals. This year’s edition will focus on some of the most important topics in payments and fraud prevention, with a series of workshops and discussion groups hosted by world-renowned industry names such as Mastercard. , Callsign, Ethoca, Adyen and Riskified. Among others, the topics included in the 2022 edition are:

  • how the latest EMV® 3-D Secure specifications can help merchants fight cardless fraud;
  • risks associated with accepting cryptocurrency or Buy Now, Pay Later;
  • how open banking can help you strengthen your defenses against fraud and improve your risk decisions;
  • a new fraud prevention paradigm: Attack Incentive Index;
  • the rise of the metaverse and what it means for digital identity

The in-person event in March represents a good opportunity for industry players to enrich their knowledge by receiving expert opinions and expanding their network.

MRC Berlin (Berlin, May 23-25)

A similar edition to Vegas will be held in the German capital, Berlin, in May 2022. There is no additional information on the event or the main speakers so far, but the MRC website is constantly updated to present the latest details on each event. .

In the meantime, those interested in learning more about the event can check out last year’s notes on the MRC Virtual event.

MoneyLive Summit (London, March 28-29)

The event is aimed at professionals in the banking and payments industries and has booked a series of key speakers for its 2022 edition, including CEOs and COOs.

This year’s edition will focus on:

  • The future of banking – interviews with the CEO of online bank Revolut, fintech innovation, trust and transparency, customer support;
  • Integrated financial ecosystems;
  • Payment innovations – BNPL, invisible payments, QR codes, POS innovation, single use cards;
  • Digital wallet innovation – e-wallets, PFM, e-commerce, instant credit;
  • Banking – fraud and financial crime, customer identification.

The event will host banking and payments industry decision makers and promises networking, interview sessions, case studies and panel discussions.

A list with all key speakers and the detailed event program is available on the event website.

Silver 20/20 Europe (Amsterdam, June 7-9)

The 2021 event was one of the few to be held live and brought together, in total, more than 4,000 people from more than 1,900 global companies. The 11th edition of the event in Europe will be held in 2022 in the same live format and, although we don’t have a schedule yet, we’ll update you on the key speakers and attendees as they happen. will be made public.

The event website has displayed the most important moments of the 2021 edition live from Europe and the United States, so that those interested can consult the detailed statistics of the meeting. The attendee market is almost evenly split between the banking, fintech and payments sectors, and we expect the 2022 edition to be similar in terms of content, networking, workshops and seminars. acquisition of knowledge.

Last year’s edition brought together CEOs, CIOs and decision makers from world famous banks and companies such as Santander Group, Societe Generale, BBVA, Deutsche Bank, Western Union, Lydia,, Trustly , LVMH, Barclays, JP Morgan, Mastercard, and Visa, among others.

Shoptalk Europe (London, June 6-8, 2022)

The Shoptalk Europe 2022 program will discuss the latest technologies, trends and business models in the e-commerce industry, including how customers prefer to shop and pay. Some of the most important topics of the event include:

  • The future of grocery and FMCG;
  • Post-pandemic shopping experience;
  • Global experiences and innovations in retail;
  • The most recent digital experiences;
  • Emerging Retail Technologies;
  • New approaches to sustainability in retail;
  • Use data effectively.

The line-up of key speakers is impressive, including decision makers from fields as diverse as technology, apparel, grocery and beauty.

Attendees will enjoy a packed schedule of workshops, meetings, and conferences divided into five tracks, including one for emerging tech startups.

The meeting audience is made up of more than 2,500 professionals from retailers, brands, investors, fintechs, startups and analysts, as well as more than 250 technology companies and solution providers.

And much more?

While we still expect some virtual events to take place in the first half of the year, the overall development of the current pandemic will dictate how many already scheduled events will be held live and in person. As the 2022 events calendar fills with exciting new learning and networking opportunities, we will be updating our dedicated section on the most important conferences and meetings to attend in the payments industry.

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