Online Psychics: Best Psychic Reading Sites In 2022

Getting a professional psychic reading might be the optimal way to discover yourself, find a purpose in life or overcome a difficulty. It is simply about guidance going in the right direction when in doubt. However, this industry can be a bit tricky, and browsing online psychics will give you lots of different options – which one is the best then? How do you know you can leave yourself in good hands when making a decision?

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The good news is that while you might be skeptical about this industry, you can get precise and genuine psychic predictions over the Internet as well. You can find phone psychics or chat psychics, meaning you do not necessarily need to visit them in person. A bit of research is mandatory before making a final decision. A little education is just as handy, especially if this is the first time you go to a psychic or at least to an online one.

It is worth noting that while you can find individual psychic websites, you will also find specialized portals gathering more psychics together. Basically, psychics have to register in order to be able to provide their services. They will be screened upfront, so they need to prove their skills and experience. They are then categorized by multiple criteria, meaning you can find someone with the right specialization in no time. Here are some of the best-rated portals in this industry.

Top 5 Psychic Reading Websites

  • Mysticsense – A Lot Of Trusted Psychics
  • Keen – Great For Newbies
  • Kasamba – Top Tarot Card Reading Psychics
  • AskNow – Best Phone Reading Psychics
  • Oranum – Good Choice For Video Calls

Mysticsense – Modern Website And A Lot Of Trusted Psychics

MysticSense has a modern website and stands out in the crowd. You can tell it is up to date with the latest trends in this field, meaning it is also a good choice for psychics – both psychics and clients know they will find the newest innovations in there.

When looking for psychic readings online, browsing does not require an account. Once you find someone you want to go on with, you will need to register. The process is quick and easy, but get ready to be asked for more details – such as your location, timezone and so on.

Why is this relevant? Simple. You will get in touch with online psychics from all over the world. They might be up and available when you are sleeping. MysticSense gives you their working hours and availability in your timezone, so it makes the conversion – no more math and hassle.

As you log on, feel free to search. At this point, every website out there has some filters. You can search by location, price, ratings or perhaps specializations. MysticSense goes a bit further and also allows you to search for more criteria at the same time.

For instance, you might be interested in finding your love, but also in discovering your life path. You may want a psychic who provides direct readings, without taking you slowly. Then, you want someone who relies on tarot cards, rather than crystals or other tools. You can have all these things in the same search.

Types of readings

MysticSense is not the stuffiest website out there. Too many subcategories will be confusing, as your issue could fall in more of them. It is somewhere in the middle – simply put, you only have what you are after.

Each category has very specific subcategories. For example, assuming you are after love, you can find specializations based on cheating hearts, affairs, grief counseling, toxic relationships, LGBT relationships and so on. Each category out there has a bunch of subcategories for better results.

Contacts and communication

Most online psychics will provide chat and phone readings. There is no such thing as the best psychic reading environment – you simply have to choose what you feel comfortable with. MysticSense goes a bit further.

To some people, a face-to-face connection is a must. They want to see the psychic face to face, so a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading will not work. Luckily, many psychics on MysticSense also allow video calls, so you are in great luck.

Pricing and value for money

MysticSense is slightly cheaper than other psychic portals out there. Of course, some of the best psychics out there will still charge a lot, but most of them will ask for affordable rates. There are also no hidden schemes or pricing packages – you get what you pay for, simple as that.

Free trial

MysticSense has its free trial as well. You will get five free minutes, which you can split over more psychics. In other words, you have enough to try out a few different psychics and determine whether or not you two vibe.

Kasamba – Vetted Advisors And A Free Trial

Kasamba is a psychic network allowing independent psychics to provide their exclusive services. Psychics are thoroughly researched upfront, so you will get a professional psychic reading from someone with experience.

Previous clients can leave reviews based on their experience, so you can obviously see the top-rated advisors, the amounts of reviews they have, and their ratings. You can easily ignore the ones with a poor rating.

The search function is comprehensive and will let you search for love psychic predictions, medium readings, tarot readings and so on. There are a bunch of specializations to choose from, as well as various subcategories.

Once you find someone for your psychic readings online, click to chat and you will be asked to login or register. The registration is straightforward and barely takes a few minutes. If the psychic is in another meeting or offline, you can always request a callback or a notification once they are available again.

Types of readings

The classic psychic reading is probably the most popular choice out there. It could be anything – from tarot to crystal readings. Tarot readings are more popular than others and most psychics rely on the classic 78 card deck.

Dream analyses are also in demand lately. Find out more about the repetitive clues inside your dreams. Furthermore, psychic predictions based on astrology are not to be ignored either. Your date of birth, name and planet alignment will give the psychic some more information about you.

Last, but not least, most people will be intrigued about their love life. You can get love psychic readings online without too much hassle – more specializations too, such as LGBT, affairs, children and so on. More and more people are after career forecasts too – again, more subcategories there.

Free trial

Whether you are after phone psychics or chat psychics, you are less likely to find the perfect advisor from the first try. This is why you need to browse the market, keep searching, look at reviews and find someone specialized in what you need help with.

Kasamba allows three free minutes. These minutes apply to each psychic. Chat for a few minutes and if you do not vibe, move on to another psychic – again, chat for a few minutes before making a final decision. This is a serious plus over other websites, who provide a few free minutes overall.

Contacts and communication

Some people are simply not comfortable dealing with phone psychics. You are not the only one in this position. There is nothing to worry about – Kasamba also provides access to chat psychics. Most psychics can handle both types of communication, but they can also discuss your needs over email.

Website and application

The Kasamba website is intuitive and fairly simple to use – no experience needed whatsoever. The portal has also released its own application, which is free to download and use on both Android and iOS devices. It has the exact same features as the website, with a plus – push notifications.

Asknow – Good Rates And Great Customer Support

AskNow is quite straightforward. You get on, search for a psychic and introduce a few criteria. Go through specializations, psychic ratings and reviews until you find someone suitable for you. Once you decide on one, click to chat and you will be asked to log on or to register.

The registration is quick and simple. Once in, you can get in touch with your psychic online if they are available. They might be busy with someone else or perhaps offline. There are a few other options if they are not available.

First, you can request a call back. This option is great if you know you are going to be available for the next few hours. Second, you can also book an appointment. Booking an appointment will give you more options. However, you should know that top-rated psychics are booked well in advance.

Communication and contacts

You can get a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading over AskNow. The portal does not provide access to video calls. Simply choose the option you are more comfortable with and make sure your psychic is available – they can feel and connect to your aura even if you do not meet face-to-face.

Free trial and special offers

AskNow provides access to five free minutes. They apply overall and not to each psychic individually. You can use a few minutes with a psychic, then another minute with someone else and so on. Assuming you do your research upfront, you should find someone who vibes with your aura in no time.

AskNow also provides some introductory offers. Just like on any other psychic portal out there, each psychic will charge differently. It depends on the rating, experience and specialization. Real psychics and famous psychics will obviously charge more than cheap psychics.

This introductory offer gives you a specific amount of minutes for a fixed price. You can buy 20, 30 or 40 minutes for the same price per minute. It is relatively low and can give you a good start when trying to find a good psychic.

Types of psychics

There are three types of real psychics on AskNow and each category falls in a different price range. These price ranges are set though. Master psychics are the most expensive ones – lots of reviews and very high ratings.

Elite advisors are somewhere in the middle. Top-rated psychics make the biggest category. They are cheaper and just as good. While it may make sense to go for an expensive psychic, top-rated advisors will provide a cheap psychic reading at high-quality standards as well.

Types of readings

There are nine big categories on AskNow and each of them has some subcategories to help you find the right psychic. The main categories include love and relationship, careers and goals, spiritual guides, astrology readings, dream analyses, money and finance, tarot readers, numerology and past lives.

What To Choose – Psychics Near Me Or Online Websites?

You probably think about it all the time – should I visit a psychic near me instead? The truth is such portals are not new at all, but their popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic, as most psychics could not provide their services in a safe manner.

However, there are people out there who rely on online cheap psychics for ages already. You can get spiritual readings or perhaps a psychic medium – how about someone who can interpret your dreams too?

While a local psychic might be a good idea, a psychic online will give you more options. There is more variety. There are lots of experts from all over the world. You will not have to settle for whatever the local market has in store for you – you can find someone with the specialization you require.

Going online allows you to search into smaller details, rather than go for whatever you have in your area. A psychic near me is great if they can match your needs in the smallest details. But other than that, the online market is a better choice for famous psychics or cheap psychics.

How To Choose The Best Psychic Website

Finding the best psychics is like finding any other service or product. You want real psychics with a good reputation, knowledge and experience. The best psychic reading for some people may not be the best for everyone else, so you need to consider your personal needs first.

Special offers

The biggest websites in this industry provide access to all kinds of special offers and free trials. They can save you some money and give you some ideas about what to expect from the respective website. When most websites have some sort of offers, going for one without such things is highly contraindicated.

Most commonly, these special offers involve giving you free minutes. Grab them straight away because they will give you money. Unlike most expectations, their role is not necessarily to save you money. Instead, use them to find the right psychic for your needs.

You must find someone who you can vibe with. Find someone who you are comfortable with. Your psychic should be able to connect to your aura and interact with you in an efficient manner. Use a minute or two with someone, then so on with someone else until you find the right advisor.

Contacts and communication

The best psychic reading depends on more aspects and the method of communication is one of them. While completely irrelevant and untrue, some people believe that seeing a psychic face to face is the only way to vibe. If you are among them, opt for a website that also provides video calling features.

Other than that, you will most likely have to get a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. Most websites allow phoning the psychic you choose and having a conversation over the phone. If you are uncomfortable, simply use the live chat feature.

While not very common, some psychic websites allow email communication as well. It is practical because there is no pressure on you. You have enough time to plan your next question and so on. However, tracking your time with a psychic is more difficult then.

Satisfaction guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is handy at times for more reasons. Some websites offer it, but it comes with all kinds of terms and conditions. The general idea is fairly simple to understand – the website can accept or deny your claim based on evidence.

Here comes the good news though. Most websites will give you some special offers and many of them are based on free minutes. You do get to know your psychic upfront through their profile, while having a quick chat will help you determine if you two can vibe.

Types Of Psychics Explained

Whether you have had a bad experience in the past or this is the first time you see a psychic, a little education on the most common types of psychics will help you make a more informed decision. Getting to a psychic online begins with becoming familiar with the most common types of advisors out there.

Fortune tellers

The fortune-teller is probably the most popular type of psychic out there. You will find fortune tellers everywhere – in real life, in your area, as well as over the Internet. This is a common specialization that will give you some hints about your future.

A fortune teller will read different signs and give you some information about what is about to happen – in the long run, or perhaps in the next week. The level of experience will dictate how specific the respective fortune teller can be.

There are more external markers used in the process. For example, some fortune tellers rely on the classic tarot deck with 78 cards. Some others rely on astrology and will read signs based on your date of birth, not to mention other options like your palm or perhaps a crystal ball.

Pretty much every culture out there has some sort of a tradition of fortune tellers – different traditions and specifications though. A fortune teller is quite good at reading people and can give you a cheap psychic reading about your future based on signs.


Clairvoyants go in more directions. There is one big difference between clairvoyants and fortune tellers. While fortune tellers rely on various tools to advise you accordingly, clairvoyants rely on their own senses, skills and experience in order to help.

They do not use any astrology signs or tarot cards. Instead, they connect to your aura and sense details about you and your future based on what they hear and see. The word means seeing clearly – seeing things beyond the extrasensory perception.

From a different point of view, fortune telling is a skill. Some people can actually learn it. On the other hand, not everyone can become a clairvoyant. It implies using senses that you may not even be aware of. Most people have such senses, but only a few can actually use them in a natural manner.


General psychics go in more directions. Some of them rely on various tools, while others use their own senses. They do not only tell you the future. They can provide more type of guidance or help you based on what you truly need.

A cheap psychic reading is more focused on the present. A psychic will read you and figure out why things are like this. They are mostly focused on why, rather than what. They can advise you on how to change things in order to get as much as possible from them.

With these thoughts in mind, psychics are often referred to as counselors, rather than fortune tellers or clairvoyants. They can give you some hints about the future, but more importantly, they will help you find out why the future is like this.

Types Of Psychic Readings Explained

Different psychics have different specializations. The best psychics for some people will not be the best for everyone else. There are multiple specializations, but a few particular readings are more popular than others and stand out.

Tarot readings

A tarot reader will not necessarily give you the future, but some potential clues about it. They rely on a deck of cards – the classic deck counts 78 cards. The psychic will draw one card after another and interpret it based on your unique situation.

Psychics relying on tarot readings will come up with potential outcomes for the subject. They rely on their intuition as well and they draw cards that are relevant to you. Such a finding will give you the information you need to make more informed decisions.


Palm reading relates to the study of the palm. It covers more aspects related to the palm, but most importantly, it is focused on lines. The shape is also relevant in the process, as well as the color and the length of your fingers. Palmistry was originally used in India and China.

Palmistry has more purposes. Most importantly, it will help the psychic determine your character, but also your future. It will provide some details about your life too – your career, love life and overall health. It depends on the psychic’s specialization.

Different palm readers rely on different options. For example, 80% of them read all these details in the right palm. The others stick to the left palm. It depends on more factors, but more importantly, it is related to the psychic’s skills and capabilities.

Crystal balls

Many psychics rely on crystal balls to help in the process. Clairvoyants in particular choose this type of tool. They tap into visions that cross the crystal ball. This is an art – things that you may not be able to see. This art is sometimes referred to as scrying as well.


Numerology is an ancient technique used initially in Egypt and Babylon. Numbers can, indeed, provide details about a person. Numerologists strongly believe that everything in life relates to numbers at some point.

For example, many famous psychics believe that your date of birth and your birth name will affect your journey in life. There are different ways to calculate things and most of them relate to your name – a few basic calculations too.


Astrologists predict different things from the future, but they can also assess your life based on your date of birth, place of birth and birth name. Planets change their alignment all the time, so this is what astrologists are focused on – what the alignment was like when you were born.

While these are the main types of readings out there, you can also categorize them based on what you need – love, career and so on. Other than that, you can also reach a psychic medium to connect to someone you lost or get some spiritual readings for closure.

Why Go To A Psychic For Guidance

There are more reasons wherefore you may need to reach to a psychic medium or find a psychic near me. Different people go to psychics for different reasons – make sure you know precisely what you are after before connecting.


This is one of the main reasons to reach out to a psychic. People often overlook the gut feeling, focusing on something that may seem more rational. A psychic will give you the confidence or validity of your uncertainties. It will also give you great strength to boost your confidence.


Making a tough decision is hard because the implications can escalate pretty quickly. A psychic will analyze potential outcomes based on different potential decisions, so it will give you some good hints to reassure you about the decision.

Aura cleaning

Some psychics are specialized in energy work. If you feel like everything around you is negative and you are covered in bad luck, cleaning your aura or healing your chakra energy might help. Some psychics will make some recommendations when it comes to the right crystals for energy cleaning too.

Making contact with loved ones

People struggle to find closure when they lose someone they love, be it a friend or a family member. Everyone has spirit guides though, but this connection is not always developed. Psychics will help you establish this connection and help you connect with spirit guides or people you have lost.


A psychic will figure out your direction based on nothing but their intuition. This type of service will give you a decent confirmation. You will know that everything is synchronized and will boost your experience based on your thoughts and decisions.


Unexpected situations arise when least expected. If you have some clues about what might happen (do not expect something too precise though), you will have enough time to get ready. Prepare for whatever comes your way and you will handle situations in a more efficient manner.

All in all, there are more reasons to find a psychic near me and they vary – from dealing with blockages or grievances to receiving emotional balance, finding guidance and direction or discovering unimagined possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about the right psychic for your needs? Still feeling a bit confused?

How should I get ready before talking to a psychic?

You should be alone in a quiet environment. Interactions and distractions will interfere with your aura, making it more difficult for the psychic to read it. Go to a place where you could meditate, focus and chill down before getting in touch with your psychic.

Should I guide the session?

You should have some ideas about what you want to ask or what you need help with, but this is pretty much it. Let your psychic guide the session. Even if the psychic changes the direction, it is because of what they see and sense about you.

How high should my expectations be?

Keep your expectations realistic and do not expect your psychic to tell you that you may have a car accident tomorrow at 4:36PM. Do not go with a specific agenda in mind. Focus on one thing and go along generally. Things will reveal later on and will start making sense.


As a short final conclusion, spiritual readings go in multiple directions and target people from more points of view. Your personal necessities dictate the final outcome of your session, but on the same note, a little education on what to expect will work wonders. Such a session can and will guide you accordingly, but there are some unwritten rules you need to follow. As for choosing the best psychic, opt for someone who can vibe with your aura.​

Jennifer C. Burleigh