Nutrients page in Fitbit app shows wrong numbers

If you’re feeling bloated, wait until you see these numbers

The Fitbit app actually does a lot more than a novice might imagine. Along with offering the usual features like sleep, heart rate, and activity tracking, it also stands out by also acting as a nutritionist of sorts. Not only do you benefit from these various programs, but you can use the app to log your food. to eat healthier too. This can be done quite simply via a dedicated “Food” page, but as many reports now suggest, part of this page no longer works as it used to.

There is a “Macronutrients” section on this same page that always correctly displays your day’s macronutrients based on the individual foods you enter. But there’s also a “Nutrients” page that appears to be broken and apparently shows very inflated stats – several times higher than they should be (via 9to5Google).


You could save a simple bowl of cereal (with or without milk, your call) right now and its displayed nutrients would look like you smacked ten in one sitting. It also doesn’t help that there is no clear pattern here with some users facing the issue reporting that it has persisted for days while others say that it is hitting intermittently.

We don’t know when the problem started, but it seems that the first complaints about Reddit and the Fitbit Forums appeared about a week ago. The usual workarounds like clearing app cache, deleting data, and reinstalling the app don’t seem to help at this time, so your best bet will be to wait for an official patch to roll out: Fitbit hasn’t haven’t found confirmation for the issue yet, but a forum moderator says he’s escalated the issue to the relevant dev team.

In the meantime, try not to take “you are what you eat” too seriously.

Jennifer C. Burleigh