Niantic launches “Campfire,” a social forum app focused on providing a platform instead of Discord

Niantic recently launched a new platform called “Campfire” and is focusing on a social forum application that will give its players and users a chance to express themselves and discuss different topics online. One of Campfire’s main goals is to provide a platform for Niantic’s apps, especially with the AR titles it has, like “Pokemon GO.”

Campfire is designed to go against Reddit and Discord in today’s tech landscape.

Campfire: Niantic’s Social Forum Platform Launch

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“Campfire” is here, and it’s a platform that brings audiences more of what they experience in games by connecting them with other people who share the same interests. Here, people can discuss the different versions of the game, including massive strategies and opportunities that will help them get the most out of the many titles in Niantic’s library.

Niantic is bringing the world a new app that will help them further develop the many titles they have, and this could also be the place to talk about other games and experiences. It looks like the platform of Discord and how it brings the social forum app to offer different features which all focus on a messaging app for a massive talk on a specific topic.

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Campfire is to continue the AR experience

Niantic calls Campfire the “real-world metaverse homepage,” and it will serve as the first layer that would give people access to the soon-to-launch virtual experience. The company is famous for bringing its apps to look like the Metaverse as it brings reality into the virtual world, with Campfire sitting in the middle.

Niantic’s expansion plans

AR is the game, and Niantic is the name of the recent ventures of the huge entertainment development company that brought to the world one of its best augmented reality games, “Pokemon GO”. Now, it’s known to have a partnership with Fold to create a new AR game that focuses on cryptocurrency and the like.

Niantic and Fold’s new game isn’t necessarily an NFT game, but it would still make cryptocurrency its prize.

Other AR projects could also be on the way in Niantic’s offerings, including Niantic’s new focus with a company called “8th Wall.” There’s no announcement yet regarding Niantic’s partnership with 8th Wall or which company they’ll be signing up for for the upcoming collaboration, but it may still focus on an AR experience.

Niantic has built itself as a massive company that focuses on an AR experience with titles like “Pokemon GO” and “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.” The games are famous AR experiences that people can use their lens to apply what they see on screen to real-life events like catching Pokemon or battling with other wizards.

Now users can all talk about it on Campfire.

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