New cooperation between Rudolf Group and CB Chemie

1. June 2022 | Markets & Companies

A new cooperation between CB Chemie and the Rudolf Group has significantly expanded the product portfolio.

With this new partnership, CB Chemie aims to add important product groups to its portfolio.

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Construction chemicals and silicone-based building protection products are part of the Rudolf Group’s core business and are now available to CB Chemie for its organizations in Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

New partnership

With this new partnership, CB Chemie aims to add important product groups to its portfolio. These include additives for pasty facade coatings, silicone and fluorocarbon-based surface protection systems for mineral substrates, powder additives for the dry asphalt industry and additives for printing inks and coatings industry.

Dr. Christian Braunshier, Managing Director of CB Chemie GmbH, on the new cooperation: “We have found in the Rudolf Group a renowned European partner who not only supports us with a very attractive product range, but also as a A medium-sized family business shines with its flexibility and reliability, so we have found another cornerstone to be able to satisfy our customers in difficult times.”

Coatings for ACE


Coatings for agriculture and construction

The European Coatings Technology Forum took place in November 2016 in Berlin and this book gives a comprehensive summary of the presentations and workshops. Highlights include an overview of innovative cashew-derived curing agents and ultra-durable aluminum pigments.

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