Netflix brings update for Apple TV app, using its native player to stream movies

Netflix is ​​bringing an update to its app in Apple TV devices, specifically for tvOS 15 which is currently running on the Cupertino giant’s TV box systems. The streaming giant is now using the native player of the Apple TV app for its designs, giving people the chance to see its streaming capabilities through built-in features.

Netflix uses the native Apple TV player for its streaming process

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This illustration photo taken on April 21, 2018 in Paris shows the logo of entertainment company Netflix displayed on a tablet screen with a remote control in front. (Photo by Lionel BONAVENTURE / AFP)

Netflix version 2.1.23 brings the new update for the integration of the Apple TV box, especially with its native player to stream the company’s famous shows. The streaming process would look like it appears on Apple TV and other apps that have also adopted the feature, says a forum on Reddit who discussed the feature.

According to Mac Rumors, this new feature will allow users to familiarize themselves with the Apple TV box and their use of Netflix through the platform. Netflix is ​​famous for its iconic player with loads of features that make it one of the most advanced on the platform, with pops of red, black and white that capture the company’s colors.

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TVOS 15 and Apple TV streaming

the Apple TV 4K is the latest device in its lineup, offering the tvOS 15 for its needs and function which brings the most advanced features it has to date. Apart from the Apple TV+ app, it also allows Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify and other streaming platforms to work, with some adapting their native player.

Apple TV+ and Netflix

Apple TV+ and Netflix are known competitors in the world of massive streaming, as both are companies that aim to deliver shows and series that audiences can use for all entertainment needs.

A new Japanese regulator through its Fair Trade Commission has ordered Apple TV to allow website payment options for streaming companies like Netflix and Spotify through its platform.

The Apple TV TV Box features are a famous device in the country and the rest of the world, giving them the ability to run and stream 4K videos on the screen with the box. Sometimes, if your TV isn’t a smart device, connecting technology like Apple TV 4K will help turn it into a better display with more features, including games and series.

Netflix remains a multi-entertainment company that offers many titles, shows, and games to the public.

The streaming company working with Apple and adopting its native player in the popular TV box is a huge step towards giving audiences what they want and where they’re already familiar. The new interface is available on the latest updates of tvOS 15 for Netflix, for the app to introduce the new interface for the users.

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