LONGi Founder and Chairman Li Zhenguo Advocates for Building a Healthy Planet for Everyone to Prosper by Providing Clean, Efficient and Affordable Energy at Stockholm +50 Conference

On June 1, 2022Li Zhenguo, Founder and Chairman of LONGi, took part in a high-level leadership dialogue stockholm +100: Shaping our common future » by video. The leadership dialogue featured experts from UN organizations and global trade organizations as well as business leaders, who spoke about rebuilding multilateralism, delivering affordable energy and common to all, the elimination of global inequalities and prosperity for all.

Carbon neutrality having become a global consensus, renewable energies have become the cornerstone to support the global energy transition. The increasing share of renewable energies represented by solar photovoltaic in its newly installed capacity is the general trend. At the end of March 2022, the global cumulative solar PV installed capacity has successfully passed the 1 TW mark, with the solar industry officially entering the terawatt era. According to forecasts, new photovoltaic installations in the world will have to reach 1500 GW-2000 GW by 2030, with 30 years of uninterrupted installation, to be an effective support for the global energy transition and lay the foundations for global carbon neutrality. . Li Zhenguo highlighted the current situation of the global PV industry through a video during the conference.

In terms of rebuilding multilateralism and eliminating global inequalities, developing countries and LDCs are still developing, so it is only natural that their energy consumption will continue to rise. However, developing countries and LDCs also need to make efforts to move towards a green and low-carbon energy transition. These countries should formulate and improve energy transition policies and roadmaps as soon as possible to support the transition from traditional fossil fuel consumption to clean energy consumption. “The comprehensive development and utilization of solar energy is of great significance in forging global multilateral relations and closing gaps,” commented Li Zhenguo.

Since 2010, the innovation of solar photovoltaic technology has reduced the cost of electricity by more than 90% and is now the most economical source of electricity in most countries around the world. Through technological innovation, LONGi has continuously reduced the cost of solar PV electricity, enabling more people around the world, especially those in developing and less-developed countries and regions, to enjoy affordable energy and own. For example, in the desert areas of Egypt and Africa, which are far from the power grid, most of the electricity generation depends on diesel generators. LONGi’s modules have been integrated into an “off-grid solar water pumping” system, which drives pumps to extract groundwater through solar photovoltaic power generation to meet the water needs of local residents. irrigation and domestic use, providing economic and social benefits. This will in turn contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Making affordable and clean energy accessible to all is crucial to eliminating global inequalities and building a healthy planet where everyone can thrive.

“LONGi attaches great importance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and continues to promote their integration into our business value chain, fully integrating the promotion of sustainable development concepts and actions into the strategies and business operations, said Li Zhenguo, Founder and Chairman of LONGi, during the stockholm +50 High Level International Conference. In the company’s recently released sustainability report, LONGi described in detail its practices and performance in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) in 2021, and has responded positively to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through practical governance guidelines and management practices.

SOURCE LONGi Green Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Jennifer C. Burleigh