Local photographer makes new friends during photoshoot at Argyle Group Home – InForum

ARGYLE, Minnesota – Marshall County Group Homes is home to a number of characters, and thanks to Sustad Photography, their charm has been captured in photographs.

“It’s not just about capturing that image, it’s about trying to connect with who they are,” said Michaela Sustad, owner of Sustad Photography.

Sustad’s snaps were taken last week. At first, it was about updating the house’s licensing requirements if anything happened to one of its residents. But they admit it meant a little more than that.

“It’s really great for our customers’ families to send them a link, so they can also print beautiful photos of their loved one,” said administrator Kristal Walen.

A resident named Jean has been living at the house for four months.

“He likes your shirt. What do you think? Is that good? Jean: It’s pink!” Crystal to John.

She is a writer and loves to send mail. Now, after his photo shoot with Sustad, he is expected to be pen pals.

From what started out as a standard photo shoot to an opportunity to make new friends, Sustad is thrilled to do what she does.

“God keeps finding exciting opportunities for me to engage with people, and I feel really lucky for that,” Sustad said. “Some of them shared family photos they have, or showed me how they like to color in coloring books, or just different things that make them unique humans like we all are. ”

“It definitely takes a special person to be able to interact with the customer to make them feel comfortable and safe, and they did a great job.” Walen said.

Jennifer C. Burleigh