Keyzmo Reviews: Effective Device That Really Works as Promised?

What is Keyzmo?

Keyzmo is a unique, easy to carry, simple to use multi-tool complete with sixteen distinct functions. As the name implies, it is in the shape of a key, you can easily put it on a keychain or lanyard. Primarily developed to provide you with any tool you need regardless of the job, Keyzmo has a screwdriver, bike key, scoring tip, serrated edge, wire binder, and bottle opener, just to list some of its functions.

There are a lot of gimmicks on the market which are next to useless, this review aims to answer your question, is Keyzmo worth the money spent. Read on to learn everything you want to know about Keyzmo prior to learning if it is the right tool for you and if it works or not.

How Does Keyzmo Work?

Keyzmo works as a simple yet effective multi-tool, with easy-to-use features which allow you to perform dozens or hundreds of tasks. Rather than carrying around a bulky toolbox, full of a bunch of tools, or even a heavy multi-tool, you can get the same effect with a tool that hangs on your keychain. Keyzmo is composed of ultra-strong military grade metal, compliant with all TSA regulations, making it easy to take anywhere you go. Unlike other multi-tools such as a Leatherman, Keyzmo has its own unique style of design. Also not like a Leatherman, you can take it on a plane, making it ideal for people who travel.

What Features Does Keyzmo Have?

Keyzmo is high-quality to say the least, made of corrosion resistant 420 stainless steel, the design offers sixteen tools in one. With Keyzmo, you can perform most simple tasks you would typically need a multitude of different tools to perform. Another plus of the tough little multi-tool is 100% made in America, the tool also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase, no questions asked. As far as customers are concerned, Keyzmo is the way to go. With a 95% positive review rate, it may be the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas.

How Does Keyzmo Work?

Like a Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife, Keyzmo is a multi-function, portable tool, designed to provide you with more than a dozen different uses. What makes it different is its shape, size, and durability. Made into the shape of a key, built from tough 420 stainless steel, and lightweight, it easily clips on to your key ring just like any other key. You will not have to fold out each tool, or worry about carrying a bulky item, this may be right for you. It packs many of the same features you would find on a Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife but is significantly smaller.

Some of the contrasting functions include a screwdriver, wrench, bit driver, and wire twister – like many other multi-tools you can find online. Other functions Keyzmo has, not typically included in a multi-tool are a ruler, wire stripper, scoring tip, and file.

The little key shaped multi-tool is ideal for people who like to be ready for anything, like MacGyver or those who appreciate being able to perform simple tasks around the home with one tool. Regardless of why you want Keyzmo, the tool helps ensure you will be ready for anything.

What Tools Does Keyzmo Have?

Screwdriver: Complete 4 different screwdriver types, Keyzmo works for most screw types. Screw types you can tighten or loosen with the little tool include: #2/3 slotted screws, #2/3 Phillips screws, #2/3 square screws, and #2/3 combo screws.

Closed Wrenches: Two types of closed wrenches can be turned with the device. Types include Imperial closed wrenches at 1/8, 3/16, ¼, 5/16, 3/8, and 7/16. The second wrench type usable with Keyzmo is metric in sizes M8, M6, M5, M4, M3.5, and M2.

¼ Bit Driver: A ¼ inch bit driver is also included on the tool.

Serrated Edge: The serrated edge can cut through a multitude of varied materials. Since it is not considered a knife edge, the tool is still 100% TSA compliant, so you can take it on a plane.

Bottle Opener: A bottle opener is also on the tool.

File: The edge of the tool works as a simple file.

Ruler: A ruler is included on the edge of Keyzmo, both for metric and Imperial sizes.

Can Opener: The can opener makes it easy to open any cans, anywhere, anytime.

Protractor: A small protractor makes it easy to measure angles.

Wire Stripper: You can easily remove coatings from wires with the stripers on Keyzmo.

Lanyard Hole: Easily clip or tie Keyzmo onto a keychain or line with the lanyard hole.

Bike Spoke Key: Perfect for repairing bike spokes when the time calls for it.

Wire Bender: Easily bend wires with Keyzmo on the go.

Scoring Tip: The scoring tip has many uses, including creating crisp, clean folds on boxes, cards, and other materials. It can also be used in art, for cutting, sculpting and other simple tasks.

12 Point wrench: The last function on the tool is located at the top of it, a simple wrench allowing you to tighten or lose various sized metrics, and Imperial nuts and bolts.

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What Makes Keyzmo Different?

With all the different multi-tools online, many of which have been around for a long time, why should you buy Keyzmo? Keyzmo may be a better option for you than other similar tools because of the following reasons.

Airport Security and TSA Compliant: One of the most attractive features of Keyzmo is its ability to pass security check points with ease. Because it has no blades, even the serrated edge is not a knife, it is allowed on planes by TSA. There are no hidden parts to it, no folding parts, or anything similar, so guards in security checkpoints can check Keyzmo in a matter of a couple seconds.

Like Having a Toolbox in the Palm of Your Hands: The tiny tool has over a dozen different tools combined into its unique size. Rather than carrying a big bulky, and heavy toolbox, Keyzmo clips onto a lanyard or keychain and is easily carried in your pocket or around your neck. It is perfect for performing simple tasks around the house on a daily basis.

Tiny Sized, Smaller Than a Matchbox: The 16 different tools are compacted into an area that is smaller than a matchbox. It even fits in a wallet or similar space, making it easy to take anywhere.

What Do Customers Say About Keyzmo?

Backed by a 95% customer review rating, Keyzmo is extremely popular in the United States, even though it is brand new. Positive reviews are written by a variety of people, including outdoorsman, homeowner, and any other type of personality you can imagine.

Customers rant about its usability, claiming it is ideal for so many jobs of which you would not typically think. People appreciate that it fits in the palm of your hand and is easily worn around the neck or carried in the pocket. Whether fishing, camping, hiking, or hunting, Keyzmo is perfect for active lifestyles spent outdoors.

Another aspect often mentioned by customers is the degree of toughness it has. Some claim it is indestructible, likely to last for an exceptionally long time regardless of how much punishment you put it through. This makes sense considering it is made up of durable 420 stainless steel.

Many people who have purchased and used Keyzmo consider it a great gift for anyone, claiming they will be purchasing several to use as stocking stuffers or simple gifts this Christmas. People consider it a great gift because of its small nature, straightforward design, toughness, and practical usage for many everyday tasks.

In the end, Keyzmo is a well-reviewed product which has grown in popularity in a noticeably short amount of time. Regardless of your lifestyle, or reason, Keyzmo seems to be a tool you would be able to use and appreciate more than other similar multi-tools.

How Much Does Keyzmo Cost?

Keyzmo is moderately priced, depending on how many you purchase. The more you buy, the cheaper each unit is, making it worthwhile to buy in bulk, rather than one at a time. When purchased as a single unit, Keyzmo is $23, at its lowest price it is only $13 a unit.

Pricing breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 X Keyzmo: $22.99 + $5.99 Shipping
  • 3 X Keyzmo: $45.98 + Free Shipping in the USA
  • 5 X Keyzmo: $68.97 + Free Shipping in the USA
  • 7 X Keyzmo: $91.96 + Free Shipping in the USA

How Much Does Keyzmo Cost IMAGE

What is the Keyzmo Refund Policy?

Keyzmo comes with a solid return policy. Every purchase made is complete with a one-month or 30-day full money back refund policy. If for any reason during your first month of using Keyzmo, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply return Keyzmo for a full refund, no questions asked.

To benefit from your refund, you will need to send Keyzmo back in its original package, including all inserts and any printed parts. The package must be complete, with no wear, tears, or missing pieces. The full refund does not include any taxes, or shipping costs.

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What is the FAQ On Keyzmo?

We get a lot of questions regarding Keyzmo, here are just a few of the ones we consider most relevant and important:

Q: Is Keyzmo safe to take through airport security?

A: Absolutely, Keyzmo is fully compliant with all TSA-regulations. Reviews indicate no one customer has reported a problem passing through security checkpoints while Keyzmo is in their possession. Even though there is a serrated edge, it is not considered a knife or blade.

Q: What materials is Keyzmo made of?

A: It is made of ultra-tough, high-quality, 420 stainless steel, designed to be nearly indestructible. It is resistant to fire, water, and rust.

Q: How big is Keyzmo?

A: A little bigger than a standard house key, much smaller than a matchbox.

Q: How thick is Keyzmo?

A: A little thicker than a standard house key.

Q: Does Keyzmo come with a refund?

A: Yes, it includes a 30-day full money back guarantee, no questions asked. The refund however, does not cover taxes and shipping costs.

Q: How long will it take to receiver Keyzmo after I order?

A: Shipping typically takes between 24 and 48 hours, once shipped – it should arrive to you within 3 to five standard business days.

Q: What are Keyzmo’s Dimensions?

A: 2.76” wide, 1.15” tall, 0.2” thick.

Q: What does Keyzmo weight?

A: Less than an ounce, specifically 0.75 ounces.

Q: Is Keyzmo strong enough for everyday use?

A: It is strong enough for everyday usage around the house, it is not however, designed for use in an industrial setting. Only use it for simple household reasons.

Keyzmo About Section

Made 100% in the United States, located in Scottsdale Arizona. The company’s mission statement is, “to help millions of people stay prepared for life’s little problems.”

Contact Keyzmo directly at the following:

Email: [email protected]

Physical Mailing Address: 9160 E. Del Camino Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 8528.


Keyzmo is run by GiddyUp, a creator of modern-age products. They partnered with Keyzmo to start the online store and business. All purchases fully support the original creators of Keyzmo.

Keyzmo in Conclusion

Keyzmo is simple to use, sixteen in one multi-tool. Functions include screwdriver, wrench, serrated edge, scoring tip, wire bender, and other uses. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, wallet, on your keychain, or lanyard worn around the neck. Keyzmo is roughly smaller than a typical matchbook, and little thicker than a standard housekey.

If you would like to purchase one or more Keyzmo, or to learn more about this wonderful little multi-tool, then head over to Keyzmo costs anywhere from $23 per unit, down to $13 per unit depending on how many you purchase at a given time.

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