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(Shenandoah) – Another renovation effort at Shenandoah’s Johnson Brothers Mill building is underway.

Margaret Brady, owner of MALOJA, LLC., detailed plans to restore the venerable vacant structure into a warehouse and workshop to store salvaged building materials for later use. According to Brady’s plan, the warehouse would occupy the top two floors, with the workshop and office on the second floor. Plans include placing an events center and retail on the ground floor. Brady, whose company has been involved in seven housing rehabilitation projects in the community, says the first stages of the renovation would include relining three roofs, grouting and pressure washing the exterior of the building.

“I went to a pointing specialist from Clarinda and got a real offer on what it would cost to firm up the exterior of this building,” Brady said. “The tacking, remember, is what holds the bricks together. If you look at this building, there are parts of it, especially the very top, that are starting to break down. There are bricks that are falling. Then someone said that the building looks like it’s crying. It’s a growth of algae growing on the sides of the building. So part of what they’re doing is all clean and then treat these tiles to prevent this from happening again.

Another project includes replacing the structure’s windows, including second sets of windows that have failed and rotted over time.

“These windows, my plan would be to replace them with a Pella window,” she said, “and match them to a more structural window than the rest of the building. Then the rest of the windows, for the moment like a warehouse, I’d just fix the glass, some of the metal around it needs replacing, but, we’d bring it down to a satisfying standard that when you walk past it, it would look like a working building.

Other milestones include replacing the concrete sidewalk around the building, installing new south garage doors, removing old plant equipment, and new plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. . Estimates place the renovation project at over $502,000. Brady’s payment plan involves a three-pronged approach, including $250,000 in city finance tax increases. Additionally, Brady says the Johnson family would sell the building to MALOJA for a nominal cost and contribute to the cost of external rehabilitation.

“I know there were multiple plans that people tried to bring to the point where something would happen to this building,” Brady said. “They kind of failed. So the family is motivated enough to do something positive. They’re interested in donating for the restoration of the building.”

Additionally, Brady’s company would contribute financially and provide approximately 10,000 hours of labor. By comparison, Brady says one estimate puts demolition of the structure at $690,000. Brady also hopes to purchase the property under the structure that is still owned by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. If all goes well, she says the renovation could be completed by Shenfest of 2023.

In other cases, counsel…

— Approved a letter of support asking the Page and Fremont County Boards of Supervisors to exercise their authority to declare Shenandoah Emergency Medical Services an essential service.

—approved and adopted the housing demolition and rehabilitation program proposed by the city.

—Approved the first reading of an amendment to city ordinances correcting inconsistent fees in the city’s Vacant Building Inspection and Restoration Ordinance.

— set public hearings for June 28 at 6 p.m. on an amendment to city ordinances regarding water withdrawal fees, budget amendments for fiscal year 2022, sale of city-owned property at 1301 West Valley in Lindsey Stephens for $100, and the sale of a 1995 International Silver Wheels model float to the City of Sidney for $5,000.

—approved the sale of municipal property located at 714 West Sheridan Avenue to Kathy Silvestre for $5,000.

— Approved the Forum Street Closure Request to Revitalize Shenandoah and four-lane stops at the corners of Priest Park for the Star Spangled Shenandoah July 2 celebration.

— Approved public utility status for the Star Spangled Shenandoah Vendor Fair.

—approved a requisition to Western Engineering for $285,383 for the 2022 Street Improvement Project.

— Approved the rate and salary of Molly Nuckolls, full-time children’s librarian at the Shenandoah Public Library, at $15.45 an hour.

— Approved rates and salaries for part-time library worker Amber Taylor for $9 an hour, library page Auri Trowbridge for $7.25 an hour, and lawnmower Owen Laughlin parks for $10 an hour.

— Ratified rates and wages for part-time seasonal employees at Wilson Aquatics Center.

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