Introducing ‘Syloverse’, the Kid-Safe app connecting young book lovers around the world

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ouraanthe members-only book club for children of modern parents who yearn for better relationships and deeper relationships, today unveiled the next Sylovers application. Sylovers will provide a safe and engaging environment for the Ouraan community of book lovers to connect with their age group peers about the things that inspire them, including the topics, characters, and themes they read together .

Children develop and thrive when they engage with their peers about the content they read, opening doors to connect in deeper yet fun ways on both new and exciting topics and topics they encounter on a daily basis.

When approached in moderation and deliberate use, research shows that young readers can reap powerful benefits from using online platforms, such as Syloversto become a better digital citizen, a more curious scholar, and a more worldly and empathetic young adult. by Syloverse scaled and nurturing environment allows them to do so safely, asynchronously, and in a dedicated, moderated environment.

By logging in via Sylovers, Ouraan readers can discuss, debate, and revel in their commonalities, while learning through conversation and camaraderie about different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. These conversations connect young readers to new avenues of social support, playful learning, self-expression, and the digital literacy skills they’ll need to navigate their future.

Ouraan was founded by parents, for parents. “When we started, the idea was self-serving – to create a product that would help us connect more deeply with our children through more meaningful conversations,” said Amina Akram, Founder and CEO of Ouraan. “And, as parents ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to balance our two jobs: keeping our children safe and preparing them to successfully navigate the world. »

Sylovers is a continuation of our mission at Ouraan to help parents accomplish both,” added Andy Paradise, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ouraan. “While building deeper relationships through better conversation and shared interests.


With the launch of SyloversOuraan offers more ways than ever for its members to connect, collaborate in imaginative ways, and deepen their understanding of the world, all rooted in a shared love of reading.

Sylovers comes with built-in parental transparency and communication tools, so parents can allow their child freedom of expression and exploration, while keeping them safe and accountable.

  • AGE RESTRICTIONS: There is no cross-communication between age groups, which ensures that children are not exposed to age-inappropriate content or context.
  • APPROVED USERS ONLY: Only members with monthly Ouraan subscriptions are allowed on the platform, ensuring a high entry threshold and additional peace of mind for parents. In addition, Sylovers Only allows small group or private messaging functionality with parental permission.
  • WITHOUT ADVERTISING: Sylovers is a completely ad-free environment. Studies have shown that digital advertisements are increasingly targeting children when they access the internet or use game-based applications, which can cause harm by increasing the likelihood of childhood obesity, damage their self-image and even potentially lead to addiction.
  • TOOLS FOR PARENTS: Parents of Ouraan members receive a fictitious account upon registration allowing them to stay informed of their child’s activity and adventures.
  • AN OPEN GRID: Open forum style for open conversations – private groups only with parental permission and supervision.

Similar to the popular Ouraan Page gauge– parenting guides included with each monthly book shipment to foster deeper conversations about the themes and characters explored – these features are not only designed to provide safety and parental insight, but to enable opportunities for deeper connections and foundational conversations about responsible digital citizenship, approaching opposing viewpoints with empathy, and what it means to be part of the internet-powered generation.


As working parents, Ouraan knows it can be difficult to find the time and the right topics to really engage with our children on a deeper level. That’s why, rather than choosing books based on celebrity partnerships, algorithms, or industry buzz, Ouraan has a team of experts who manually curate each month’s book picks to ensure they are engaging, appropriate and impactful.

In addition, Ouraan chooses stories and themes that best serve the establishment of parent-child and child-peer relationships. Parenting guides, conversation resources, and guided activities accompany each month’s enduring send-up to help families connect on deeper levels and build stronger bonds.

“Nurturing connections has always been at the center of everything Ouraan,” Akram said. “We are delighted to launch Sylovers and, with that, play a small role in building new global communities of future leaders who can learn from each other’s differences, rejoice in what we all have in common, and foster lasting friendships, empathy and fundamental skills.

The Sylovers The app is currently in beta testing and will be widely launched for all Ouraan members next school year.

To join the Ouraan community before the Sylovers launch, families can sign up for the appropriate clubs (based on age group) here:

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