India to smash China’s dream by building road from Vladivostok in Russia to Chennai, check out the plan

Moscow: Vladivostok, the Russian city on which China’s eyes have always turned. On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the Eastern Economic Forum. China has sent its most important person to participate in this event. One can guess from this fact that somewhere China is now getting nervous about this part. Many of India’s interests are associated with this location in eastern Russia. You can call it the Balochistan of Russia. In other words, this is the place in Russia where resources are not lacking. But so far it has not been used properly. India has now devised a plan to serve its interests in this place, which will shatter the dream of occupying China forever.

what is vladivostok
Before knowing the map of India, know where this city is located. Vladivostok is a port city in eastern Russia that shares borders with China and South Korea. The place is also the terminus of the Trans-Serbian Railway which connects it to Moscow. Vladivostok can be reached within a week if you leave here by train from Moscow, the capital of Russia. Vladivostok shares a coastal border with the Sea of ​​Japan. There is also a central square here. This central square pays tribute each year to the Russian soldiers who lost their lives in the war with Japan. The East China Sea is quite close to here, which is claimed by both China and Japan.
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announced in 2019
China has always kept a dirty eye on the resource-rich region. The name of the plan that India has come up with to dodge China’s plan is the Chennai-Vladivostok Sea Corridor. Through this corridor, Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, must be connected to this city of Russia. After this new sea route, the transportation between Russia and India will only take 24 days. Currently, it takes 40 days for goods transiting through Europe to reach India and Russia. In 2019, when Prime Minister Modi attended the Eastern Economic Forum, it was discussed at the same time. PM Modi had announced a $1 billion grant for the development of this part of Russia.

a wealth of natural resources
Vladivostok is a treasure trove of natural resources. Even after that, Russia can only contribute 5% to the economy. Apart from this, the standard of living of the locals is also very low compared to the rest of the country. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, many people fled Vladivostok. India was the first country to open its embassy in Vladivostok after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Despite this, India has never invested here. A project In 1990, India bought a 20% stake in Shakhlin. It was India’s only investment.
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India will play a masterstroke
To end China’s hunger, India decided to bring in Japan as well. In 2020, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar made a statement on this. He said: “There is potential for economic cooperation in the immediate east of Russia, as India has expressed its willingness to be involved in several projects here and in the Pacific islands. We have put political measures here as well as a partnership. If India brings Japan, it will be a masterstroke that we would never have thought of. Russia has always been reluctant to join the Indo-Pacific region. This is where the Quad was formed to respond to China’s dominance. Japan and India are important parts of the Quad.
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China was defeated
Vladivostok is a 160 year old city and in 2020 China asserted its claim. In 1860, China was defeated by British and French forces in the Opium Wars. According to a Chinese journalist, Russia has occupied it. He wrote: “Vladivostok, which literally means Ruler of the East and its history dates back to 1860 when Russia built a military port there. But the city was Haishenwai and it was Chinese land.

He said Russia captured him through an unequal treaty with China. China claims that Vladivostok was bordered by China in the 19th century. Vladivostok was part of the Qing kingdom of the state of Manchuria and at that time its name was Haishenwai. But in 1860, Russia invaded and occupied it.

Jennifer C. Burleigh