How to Never Pay Full Price for an iPhone App Again

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Most of the applicationFishing Apples App Store are moving slowly far from ask you to payforward, opting for make their money through advertisements or in-app purchases. But if you’re someone who would rather buy an app than manage micro-transactionskprice tracking can be painful—above all since Apple discontinued its Wishlist feature a few years ago.

If you wait for a good deal to finally buy a private individual applicationyou need one dedicated price tracking service to help you, and you have some good options.


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AppRaven assistance you keep tabs on updates and discounts for the apps you love. It’s free to use and helps you find out when an app you’re looking at goes on sale. The app is easy to navigate, and once you create a free account, you can add as many apps as you want to your watch list. AppRaven’s community features include the ability to create your own app collections and a forum to post sales information or discuss your favorite apps.

User-created app collections are great for discovering hidden gems or easily tracking wholesale sales, including discounts on in-app purchases.. But even this app was drawn to micro-transactions :WWhile AppRaven can track price changes for free, you’ll need to pay $2 per month to get price drop alerts.

Application slice

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For a completely free source to track deals on App Store games and apps, try Application slice. This service doesn’t have its own app, so you’ll have to use the website to track prices.

Once you create an account, you can sign up to receive email alerts when prices drop. AppSliced ​​also provides free email alerts for in-app purchase sales which is a great feature (just make sure they don’t end up in your spam folder).


There is a very active community on the AppHookup subreddit that tracks app sales, including those on in-app purchases, easier. Follow this community to receive alerts via the Reddit app, or a alternate reddit app As Apollo.

On Reddit, you are unlikely to find a transaction alerts for everything apps you follow, but you’ll find a discussion on both popular and obscure app offers. The community also publishes posts about non-Apple apps, but most of their posts are centered around iOS apps.

Make your own wishlist using the Shortcuts app

If you’d rather create your own App Store wishlist, you can use Apple’s Shortcuts app to do so. Reddit user /u/refreshing bleach has created two such shortcuts, each serving a different app tracking lens:

Add app to wishlist. Once you’ve downloaded this shortcut, you can open the App Store, find the app you need, and tap the Share button. Select the “Add app to wishlist” shortcut, and it will add the app to reminders. Now when you open Reminders, you see the name of the application and its price WHEN it was added to the list. (To see the current price, you will also need the following shortcut.)

Update app store wishlist prices. Run this shortcut whenever you want to check the latest prices for all the apps you have added to your wishlist. The list in Reminders will be updated with the current rates.

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