How To Hide Apps List From Windows 10 Start Menu 2022 Tip

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Check How to Hide Apps List in Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 v1703 Start menu can be customized in different ways. You can choose between a traditional start menu and a modern full-screen start menu. You have the option to start with no tiles or with all of them. I’ve noticed that many customers worry about how the Start menu looks on their PC. This article will show you how to make the Start menu show only the tiles, instead of the list of all apps on the left side.

This way the Start menu will have a great design and be proportional to the screen. And this way the Start menu blends in and looks fantastic. However, this is totally subjective. Maybe you like it or maybe you don’t. If you don’t often use the All Apps list and search for apps instead, this can be a wonderful starter customization.

How to Hide Apps from Windows 10 Start Menu

To hide an app from the Start menu apps list without uninstalling it, first right-click or long-press it. In the menu that appears, go to More and choose “Open file location”.

This prompts Windows 10 to open File Explorer and takes you to the shortcut for this app, located in the Programs folder in the Start menu. To remove this app from your Start menu, simply delete its shortcut from the Start menu folder.

That’s it! Now the application shortcut is no longer displayed in the Start menu. As you can see in the screenshot below, the app we used as an example, Google Chrome, is now hidden from the Windows 10 Start menu.

Keep in mind that the Programs folder is a system folder and you can find it in not one, but two different places on your computer. Do not worry; the procedure we have shown always takes you to the right place. However, if you prefer to manually navigate to the Programs folder to find application shortcuts to remove, be sure to check out the two Start menu program locations:

  • %AppData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms – This is where you will find programs installed and available to your current user. Removing apps from here means not displaying them only for your user account.
  • C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms – This is where you will find programs installed and available to all users on your Windows 10 PC.

Although working on the Programs folder of the per-user start menu mentioned above does not require special permissions, working on the “all users” start menu (the second location) requires administrator privileges because the changes you make affect all accounts. of user.

Final Words: How to Hide Apps List in Windows 10 Start Menu

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