How To Fix “App Not Installed Error” On Android Phone 2022

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Check How to Fix “App Not Installed Error” on Android Phone

Android app not installed is no longer an unknown error code during app installation as it is experienced by many people. The “App not installed” error message usually appears when you try to download and install an app with an .apk file extension from somewhere other than the Google Play Store. The error is very confusing at first, but it makes sense when you realize that this unknown application installer error code is not a software or hardware problem.

It’s a direct result of what you do with your device. Yes, you heard right. Your wrong actions can cause the “Android app not installed” error. Android phones are all the rage these days as they offer great features like amazing camera resolution and huge internal storage. There are many ways to install the app. However, when you try to open the downloaded application, an “Application not installed” error message may appear. So there is a good fix for this error so that users do not get this error message.

How to Fix “App Not Installed Error” on Android Phone

Just use the Google Play Store

Play Store is a platform designed specifically for Android software and contains only trusted apps. If you only use Google Play Store to download apps, Android app not installed error may rarely occur.

mount sd card

Even if your SD card is properly inserted in your Android phone, it may still be inaccessible at times. Mounting the SD card can make the SD card accessible. Here’s how to mount the SD card.

  • Go to Settings > Storage.
  • Click Mount SD card on the Storage Information screen.
  • Restart your device and try to install the app now, it should work.

Choose app location wisely

Users are suggested not to change the location of the app and let the app decide where it should be placed. It is always better to put the applications in the internal memory of the phone.

Format SD card

If the Android app not installed error occurs because the SD card is corrupted, you need to format the SD card. However, back up the data to the SD card so that you don’t suffer data loss.

Go to Settings > Storage > Format SD card. Mount it by following the steps in tip 2.

Application permissions

Android app not installed error can be tackled after resetting app permissions.

Go to Settings > Apps > Reset app preferences/Reset app permissions. After that, third-party software may be installed on your device.

Try deleting data

If your phone and apps crashed, you can usually also clear cache and data from the package installer. To do this:

Go to Settings > Applications > Package Installer > Click Clear cache and data. After restarting your phone, check if the issue is resolved.

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