How To Enable Tweet Storm Feature For Twitter App On Android 2022

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Check how to enable Tweet Storm feature for Twitter app on Android

A developer has discovered a hidden feature in the Android Twitter app that lets you write multiple tweets and queue them to send one at a time, making it easy for anyone to start a “storm of tweet”. Tweet each one individually without having to type and send each one. The feature wasn’t enabled back then, but it looks like it will now be enabled for some users.

Without the change, the creation screen will show your avatar in the top right and a blue tweet button on the right side of the attachments bar next to the character counter/circle. With the change, a new Tweet All button replaces your avatar, and there’s a + icon next to the character counter. Tap it and you can link multiple tweets together. The interface also shows you the different tweets so you can edit and modify them before sending them. When you’re done writing your Tweetstorm, tap Tweet All and the tweets will be queued in the correct order.

Post multiple tweets using Tweet Storm

  • To get started, uninstall any existing installation of the Twitter app. Then download and install the Twitter APK file from the links below. Choose the version according to your tastes.
  • Then download and install Tweeks Xposed module from here.
  • After installing the module, you will be prompted to activate it using the Xposed installer. Open the Xposed Installer app and tap the 3-dot hamburger menu button. Tap on “Modules” and check the box next to “Tweeks”. After activating the module, you will be prompted to restart the device.
  • After restarting, open the Tweeks app and turn on the switch next to “Enable Tweet Storm”.
  • Now head over to the Twitter app and write your tweet. Now tap the “+” icon in the bottom corner to add another tweet.
  • Repeat the above procedure as many times as you want to form a chain of tweets to your liking. Once you’re done, just tap the “Tweet All” button in the top right corner.
  • And it’s. Your long thread of tweets will be posted together.

Final Words: How to Enable Tweet Storm Feature for Twitter App on Android

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