Haley’s Hope launches the Building Hope campaign – InForum

“It’s not an investment in things. It’s an investment in people. It changes every life that comes to Haley’s Hope. Scott Holdman, Donor and Advocate of Exciting Change

West Fargo, ND – Since opening eleven years ago, Haley’s Hope has grown steadily. This growth has resulted in an expansion to improve the ability of the state-of-the-art dyslexic learning center to meet the needs of dyslexic learners in the region. Renovation at 1150 Prairie Parkway, West Fargo is underway with an expected completion date of December 2022. Design and construction of the new center is nearing completion by Zerr Berg Architects and Gehrtz Construction Services.


With community support, the Building Hope campaign aims to invest $1.5 million in this innovative dyslexia learning center. Investments will go towards expanding private tutoring rooms, three classrooms for their pioneering summer academy program, upcoming multi-sensory math workshops, a future training space, and more! To learn more or to donate, visit www.haleyshope.org or call 701-373-0397.

Haley’s Hope Impact

Haley’s Hope helps people ages 5.5 through adulthood address deficits in basic literacy skills caused by dyslexia. According to the National Institute of Health, people with dyslexia typically read at levels significantly below expectations despite having normal intelligence. Dyslexia affects 15 to 20% of pupils, which represents 80 to 90% of pupils in special education with a specific learning disability. North Dakota has more than 16,400 special education students, including more than 4,500, or 27.5 percent, with a specific learning disability.

The effects of illiteracy have a negative impact on the development of young people and on the economic and social growth of our State. Identifying and intervening and supporting one in five people at risk of illiteracy caused by dyslexia allows our region to nibble at the tip of this damaging societal iceberg. Education should have a positive impact on children’s lives. It should give them knowledge, boost their confidence, and help them discover their passions in life. Although dyslexia cannot be “cured”, we know more than ever that people with dyslexia, with the right intervention, can become high-achieving students and adults. Every learner is different and the impact of dyslexia is different for each person. Haley’s Hope is a leader in providing the research-based Orton Gillingham Methodology needed to change the lives of hundreds of dyslexic students and families in our region.

Jennifer C. Burleigh