German police use COVID tracing app to find potential witnesses

From The Washington Post:

Police in the city of Mainz, near Frankfurt, successfully asked local health authorities to release data from an app called Luca when a man died after leaving a restaurant in November. They said they were looking for witnesses who dined at the restaurant around the same time and would have found 21 people from app data.

The apparent misuse of the data has been criticized by privacy advocates, who fear this sensitive information could be used for purposes other than pandemic control. The incident is also likely to provide fodder for vaccine skeptics, some of whom have taken a broader anti-government stance, and those who believe the coronavirus is linked. conspiracy theories.

While I’m not normally one to give the police the benefit of the doubt, I’m impressed that these authorities were actively trying to solve a specific crime, instead of collecting vastly more data than they ever could. just use it to be able to assert some more control.

Still, it reminds me of the old classic Clickhole”Heartbreaking: The worst person you know just made an important point.“Because the cops are abusing cell phone location data, that’s definitely bad!… But that’s also not proof that the whole COVID-19 pandemic is actually some bogus bullshit control system Flag Ugh.

German police used a tracing app to track down witnesses to crimes. Some fear it is fuel for covid conspirators. [Rachel Pannett / The Washington Post]

Image: public domain via Pixabay

Jennifer C. Burleigh