Geingob organizes many high-profile events after Queens funeral

Staff reporter

DURING President Hage Geingob’s eventful week, where he attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the reception of King Charles III, he also met with representatives of ADAM Global, an international digital services company, which is launching a training program for doctors in Namibia.

This was announced by the Namibian Presidency and they shared that in January 2023, a team of doctors in Orthopaedics, Maternal Health, Accident Safety and Eye Health will travel to Namibia to begin the training program. In addition to this, the Namibian Presidency added, ADAM Global has also pledged to provide ten scholarships for Namibian students to study medicine.

This is just one of the events Geingob has attended since leaving the country last week, Wednesday September 14. Since then, he has also attended the inauguration ceremony of Angolan President, João Manuel Gonçalves, on Thursday, September 15, and while in the Angolan capital, he laid a wreath in honor of the late President. former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos on Friday, September 16.

BUSY: President Hage Geingob arrived in New York on Tuesday, September 20 to attend several high profile events. Photo: Namibian Presidency.

Geingob then left for the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), where he attended the reception of King Charles III at Buckingham Palace on Sunday September 18, followed by the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at the Abbey from Westminster to London on Monday 19 September.

Geingob’s busy week is set to continue for a few more days and he will only return to the country next week on Tuesday, September 27, after attending various high profile events. This includes the High-Level General Debate at the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 77), which is taking place in New York in the United States of America (USA). Geingob is expected to deliver remarks on behalf of the Namibian people and government on Wednesday, September 21.

After that, Geingob will attend the World Economic Forum’s Sustainability Impact Meeting in New York on Thursday, September 22. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Public Engagement Manager, Alem Tedeneke, the meeting aims to respond to United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ call for action “to bring ‘hope in a fractured world and increase efforts to fight the climate’. crisis”.

The President will then attend the Bloomberg Emerging + Frontier Forum 2022, where he will be a keynote speaker. Bloomberg reported that the meeting, also to be held in New York, will bring together heads of state, ministers, central bank governors and senior leaders to share their views on the opportunities, risks and growth potential of economies. important.

On Thursday, Geingob will also host the Namibia Investment Summit, organized by the Namibian Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB).

Jennifer C. Burleigh