Game and app developer Dynasty 11 begins Player 2 alpha testing

PHILADELPHIA, PA/ACCESSWIRE/July 18, 2022/ Dynasty 11a local app and game development studio, announced that it had begun alpha testing for Player 2, a team building and social media app for gamers looking to connect with other gamers. Player 2 will allow players to connect with each other from around the world to create teams across different gaming platforms, coordinate gameplay methods, or even connect on a purely social basis. The app will also use matchmaking algorithms, profile synchronization and instant messaging to help players make connections. Player 2 is expected to enter beta testing and open to the public by Q4 2022.

Established in 2016, Dynasty 11 develops companion apps for gamers across all platforms and hopes Player 2 will reverse one of the gaming community’s biggest issues, bullying and other toxic behavior. The company seeks to promote deeper bonds between players. Dynasty 11 tries to accomplish this with an approach that works from within. He hopes to cultivate an inclusive and balanced workplace culture, combating an insidious boys’ club coupled with the industry’s rush hour culture. “Creatively, we operate as a think tank, where ideas are developed and refined until they reach their optimum form,” says a Dynasty 11 rep.

Dynasty 11 Studios, Monday, July 18, 2022, Image from press release

Player 2: a player companion app

Player 2 is a “Player Companion Application”, intended to be used during or in conjunction with gameplay to enhance the experience. In particular, Player 2 aims to emphasize the social aspect of gaming and help players connect. The Compatibility Matchmaking feature allows players to connect with potential teammates with similar playing interests and experience levels after completing a quick survey about their preferences. Player 2 also hosts Playgrounds, which provides a forum and discussion platform to provide a public social space for gamers, developers, streamers, and media. Other app features, such as LFG (“Looking for Group”), help users find teammates for immediate activities. Messaging is simple and secure for easy communication between friends on Player 2. Game Hub, a page where players can scroll through their favorite game content, acts as Player 2’s homepage. Player 2 also allows gamers to sync with their other game profiles to build their friends list, view their game history and personality on their gamer card, increase their gamer level by clearing milestones, and play arcade games integrated into the application.

Project gets university sponsorship after winning showcase

The project is supported in part by Drexel University, which acts as a corporate sponsor. Dynasty 11 recently won the institution award senior showcaseplacing first with their submission of Player 2. “After the successful development of Player 2 this school year, the project has resulted in the permanent hiring of three Drexel students as part of the Dynasty 11 Studios team,” says Dynasty 11 “Our partnership will continue to grow over the next year, with Dynasty 11 Studios sponsoring several teams of Drexel students. – Our commitment to growing our business in Philadelphia – embodying the characteristics that make the Philly business unique and helping to put Philly on the map as a growing hub of video game/app development.

Dynasty 11 Creative Director and CEO Colin Johnson is excited to unveil Player 2 to the public and show what the team can do. “As an entrepreneur, seeing Player 2 hit the market will be extremely rewarding,” Johnson said. “As a business owner, success means providing a rewarding workplace and empowering the lives of my employees.” Johnson believes in collaboration and helping his team do their best.

To advance

Obtaining a university partnership made it possible to ensure the development of the application. However, Dynasty 11 is still accepting investment proposals from parties hoping to be part of their journey. Player 2 is currently in alpha testing, and Dynasty 11 has already generated buzz around the app. Testing is expected to reach beta stage and be publicly released by Q4 2022.

With a team of 14 and a fresh perspective, Dynasty 11 hopes to help shape the culture of gaming and provide gamers with apps that allow them to have a complete and fulfilled experience while connecting with others across all platforms.

Dynasty 11 Studios is a video game and application development company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comprised of an enthusiastic team of ambitious, uniquely talented and highly collaborative professionals, we strive to make the gaming industry more inclusive and opportunistic through our social networking and team building app, Player 2. Dynasty 11 has another goal is to develop products that solve gaming’s biggest problems, deliver unparalleled entertainment, and challenge existing conventions of game design.

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Dynasty 11 Studios, Monday, July 18, 2022, Image from press release

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