Freebox Remote is an unofficial remote control application for your Android TV

The Google Home app recently acquired an in-app remote that lets you control your Android TV or Google TV device. However, the virtual remote lacks several important features, including volume and mute controls, so it’s not a perfect replacement for the physical remote that came with your Android TV device. If you’re looking for a more capable alternative, you might want to check out Freebox Remote.

Freebox Remote is an unofficial virtual remote control app for Android TV decoders developed by French ISP Free. However, it turns out that the app can also be used to control any Android TV or Google TV device. Simply select the Freebox Pop as the target model when configuring the application. The app will then list all Android TV devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

As you can see in the attached screenshots, the app has a very simple and intuitive user interface, presenting all the buttons on the remote, including the D-pad on the main screen. It also supports widgets so you can control your Android TV/Google TV device directly from the home screen without having to open the app.

The app initially only supported Android TV devices, but recently added support for the Android TV Remote v2 protocol, allowing control of the Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV-powered devices.

Freebox Remote is available on the Google Play Store as a free app. If you want to try it, click on the link below.

Jennifer C. Burleigh