Fairview Board meeting meets to discuss budget analysis and potential events

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On March 1, Fairview City Council passed the motion to nominate Tony Prypysh for the position of at-large representative of the Fairview City Library Board.

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Alta. a budget analysis was also published on 25 February. There will be a 1.5% increase in requests for education work, zero funding for any economic development project, $64 million for EMS. There was no change in MSI funding, a 52% decrease in infrastructure grants from 2021, and overall a 2.4% increase in health services.

Provincial budgets had a surplus of about $500 million. With $62.6 billion in revenue, there were $62.1 billion in expenses.

The council has discussed the possibility of installing electric vehicle parking stations, but the property of interest, the GPRC Fairview campus parking lot at the south end, must be owned before implementation. A grant cannot be applied until this location is owned.

The RCMP’s live town hall scheduled for February 22 has been cancelled. No new date has been confirmed.

The Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICC), which will be discussed on March 7, will review the community center’s business plan.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chamber of Commerce will take place on March 17. Councilor Paul Buck will present on behalf of the Economic Development Committee.

Councilor Buck also presented Council with an event idea on behalf of the Recreation Advisory Committee, stating, “The Dunvegan Gold Rush [is] a new thing we are working on. We hope to take off this year. [A] triathlon, biking, canoeing, swimming, the type of running event they did in the 80s, and we want to bring it back in the summer.

It was feared that crossing the Peace River by canoe would be a liability issue.

An event for people aged eighteen and over is scheduled for June 18. It is hoped that downtown bars will open outdoor cafes for this event.

Discussed at the last Fairview Town Council meeting on February 15, the name of the pond located on the east side of Highway 732 near Cummings Lake Recreation Area and Fairview Golf Course was decided by town advice. “Ruby’s Pond” has been decided.

Jennifer C. Burleigh