FairEmail app removed from Google Play Store

The open-source email client FairEmail has been removed from the Google Play Store. Developer Marcel Bokhorst no longer wants to develop the app, but it is still usable. On the XDA Developers forum and on the app’s website, Bokhorst gives various reasons for his decision: personal issues, the imbalance between low income and high development and support costs, and unfair Google ratings. . But the main reason seems to be the frustrating communication with Google about the app requirements.

Meanwhile, Bokhorst has in the Email Fair Website published a notice saying that all of its projects ended after Google classified FairEmail as spyware and gave it no chance to object. The application will not be further developed and there will be no further support. In her Frequently asked questions on the topic Bokhorst explains that the app can still be used; major bugs could still be fixed. Will do it too The source code of the application remains on GitHub be found. In the Playstore alternative, F-Droid, which offers open source applications, is FairEmail also still not found.

Time and time again, Bokhorst had in his FairEmail thread on the XDA Forums reported unfair user reviews and frustrating communication with Google. An update earlier this week classified its messaging app as spyware because it downloaded users’ contacts. However, Bokhorst didn’t get a clear answer from Google when he asked where exactly the problem was with the update and how he could fix it.

This seems to have ultimately been the deciding factor for Bokhorst to pull the app from the store (he previously removed the criticized update) and end his plans. The associated GitHub repository is now set to read-only. The developer of the Total Commander file manager, recently threatened with being banned from the Play Store by Google, felt just as helpless as Bokhorst.


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Jennifer C. Burleigh