FA Ministry Hosts Pacific Alliance High Level Group Meeting

Which began last Thursday with a meeting of National Coordinators and ended Friday with a meeting of the High Level Group (GAN) made up of the Vice Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and from Peru.

Delegations from four Member States – under the pro-tempore presidency of Mexico – met in Lima to strengthen the integration process for a more citizen-based Pacific Alliance.

In particular, they sought to advance the implementation of the mandate emanating from the Bahia Málaga Declaration, adopted last January.

In the economic and trade field, he reflected on the modernization of trade protocols, on the state of negotiations of trade agreements with the candidates of the associated States (Republic of Korea, Australia, Canada and New Zealand), as well as on the interests of the United States. Ecuador and Costa Rica become full members of this bloc.

Regarding the cooperation pillar, the delegations approved projects to be financed by the Pacific Alliance Cooperation Fund (2022 edition) and reviewed the preparations for the fourth Cooperation Forum on 30 August with the presence of 61 observer states.

In addition, the Deputy Ministers held a meeting with the Pacific Alliance Business Council – a strategic partner for public-private expression, which presented recommendations and demands to facilitate the integration and economic cooperation of our countries.

The Pacific Alliance is the world’s eighth largest economy and the world’s sixth largest exporter. This represented 42.9% of Latin America and the Caribbean’s GDP in 2021.


Jennifer C. Burleigh