Exclusive interview with MTN Group: What is MTN Group’s philosophy on promoting SME prosperity?

MTN leaders attended CHOGM and participated in multiple conversations seeking ideas on how to forge a better future. Discussions focused on “Delivering a Common Future: Connect, Innovate, Transform”, with a focus on “A Global Reset”, addressing the impact of the pandemic and the Commonwealth’s role in rebuilding and reinvigorating the world economy.

Taarifa interviewed MTN executives through their communications department on the company’s philosophy and values ​​with regard to creating an enabling environment for SME development and on the company’s initiatives that have generated tangible results in recent years.

Below are the excerpts.

According to MTN, what are the core values ​​to create a prosperous environment for SMEs?

MTN supports SMEs by creating an inclusive digital environment that helps them overcome their daily operational challenges. We also prioritize the inclusion of SMEs as part of our supply chain enabling inclusive and sustainable economic growth which ultimately enables job creation. Beyond our support for SMEs, we support digital innovation through our center of excellence, which drives our ICT business strategy. Additionally, we facilitate digital innovation through Chenosis, our cross-industry API marketplace for developers, start-ups and enterprises.

As a responsible and strong brand, what are MTN’s initiatives that support SMEs?

We run a variety of initiatives to support SMEs, including: Access to financing to better manage cash flow – MoMo Business, a mobile money platform, enables SMEs to access banking and business development services. The platform supports SMEs by giving them access to banking services with reduced transaction fees (features of the platform differ from those of MoMoBiz in Rwanda). Opportunities to access new markets – Through our Fusion Partner Program, SMEs have access to a wide range of capabilities that leverage local technology and knowledge, giving them the opportunity to resell MTN products, reach their customers and build brand awareness. , their products and services through digital marketing. Provide skills development, services and general business advice through online masterclasses; we provide skills development for SMEs to transition from traditional business models to more digitally savvy business models capable of using a variety of digital business and marketing solutions. The knowledge gained from these courses allows us to better understand their customer service, channel interaction, service delivery, marketing and operational needs. Bespoke connectivity and productivity solutions for businesses. We offer tailor-made products and services to meet the needs of SMEs

During CHOGM, MTN engaged other actors on creating shared values, what was MTN’s contribution to the discussions?

MTN’s Ambition 2025 strategy is anchored on driving the digital and financial inclusion momentum in Africa, aligning with the development agendas of nation states and being their partner for socio-economic development. Over the next three days, we aim to strengthen our relationships with key stakeholders. Wed participated in a roundtable where we met heads of state, policymakers and business leaders with the common goal of creating innovative, technological and economic opportunities for the Africa of tomorrow. During the Commonwealth Business Forum, MTN Leadership participated in the following roundtables: Fighting protectionism and reducing barriers to doing business: MTN Rwanda Chairman of the Board, Faustin Mbundu, will participate in a panel discussion on Fighting protectionism and reducing barriers to doing business and explore how the Commonwealth advantage can be exploited. Bridging the digital divide: MTN Group Chairman and CEO Ralph Mupita participated in a panel discussion on Bridging the digital divide. The keynote focused on how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to a global digital economy and laid bare the issue of the digital divide.

Chantal Kagame

Innovative financing, serving future growth: MTN Rwanda CEO for Mobile Money, Chantal Kagame, participated in a discussion on innovative financing, sustaining future growth. This session looked at the role government needs to play in harnessing innovation and facilitating growth, as well as the role of FinTech in growing the economy.

Jennifer C. Burleigh