ESA Announces Executive Management Professionals Group Now Accepting New Members

The ESA group addresses issues such as business valuation, financing, business model development, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

DALLAS — The Electronic Security Association’s Executive Management Professionals (EMP) group is now accepting applications from new members.

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) describes the group as the primary community of individuals responsible for the strategic and financial direction of electronic security integration and monitoring companies.

The EMP group tackles issues such as: business valuation, financing, business model development, mergers and acquisitions, human capital development, executive leadership, change management, etc.

ESA says group members get invaluable information, ideas and networking opportunities. Any ESA member who holds a managerial or managerial position within their company is welcome to participate for free by applying here.

“The EMP program offers a fantastic opportunity for owners and senior managers of ESA member companies to leverage the expertise and knowledge of their peers.” says Scott Hightower, President of Verified Security and President of EMP Group “It’s a fantastic way to network with other security business leaders to help you grow your business.”

There are two types of EMP group forums, national and small groups. Breakout forum membership is limited to 8-10 members. It is not limited by a geographical territory but is composed of those who are not in direct competition and is granted by consensus of each group. The National Forum is made up of all forum members in small groups.

The breakout forum structure allows for 40 minutes of scheduled presentation and discussion on topics, followed by approximately 20 minutes of open discussion on topics submitted by members. Small Group Forums are encouraged to hold at least 12 virtual roundtables per year (in addition to the National Forum’s in-person meeting at ESX).

“Being a member of ESA and the EMP Group has provided me with a group of peers to discuss industry trends and best practices with.” says Dee Ann Harn, CEO of RFI “The ability to pick up the phone and call another EMP participant and ask ‘What does your company do for X’, gave me access to better ideas than I could. find out for myself!”

EMP Groups are designed to be a place of open communication, where everyone can contribute and benefit from the collective knowledge of their peers.

According to the ESA, members can expect to learn new ways to run their organization, different methods of operating their business – and discover that others share the same issues, problems and concerns as themselves.

Jennifer C. Burleigh