Digital parenting platform Mylo launches Bengali app, plans to expand regional language offering

Mylo, a comprehensive D2C platform for new and future mothers, has announced the launch of its app in Bengali. The new language option caters to Mylo’s user base who are trying to conceive, expecting, or new moms. Bengali support has been introduced as part of broader efforts to provide personalized experiences for women using the app.

“We decided to expand into regional languages ​​based on knowledge from our community of 10 million parents. We’ve found that users interact more seamlessly in their preferred local language. Bengali app compatibility is just the first step. We will be launching the Mylo app in other languages ​​very soon. We have received tremendous feedback from members of our Bengali-speaking community on the app,” says Vinit Garg, Founder and CEO.

It is estimated that the total Internet user base in India will reach 840 million by the end of this year, while 90% of Indian users prefer to consume content in regional languages. With learnings from this release, Mylo plans to launch the app in more languages ​​like Tamil and Telugu to meet the needs of mothers across India who are fluent in their native language.

The Mylo app provides a community forum for women to learn, share, and guide others through similar stages of their pregnancy or motherhood journey. The app provides personalized content and community experience for each user based on their individual preferences. Tools like weekly baby tracker, period tracker, daily advice, pregnancy tracker, personalized diet chart and more make Mylo a companion for all parents on their journey to raise a happy family. and in good health. The app also offers more than 100 consumer products in the areas of baby, pregnancy, maternity, personal care and beauty.

Mylo Clinic on the app offers digital health tools for women trying to conceive as well as pregnant women and new moms at different stages of their lives, as well as health professional-approved advice and consultations online with specialists. Through the app, Mylo aims to provide next-generation virtual care for women and childcare by developing personalized products and solutions for conception, pregnancy, parenting and pediatrics by leveraging technology, data-driven insights and capital-efficient execution. Mylo envisions bringing the best healthcare services to the most remote corners of the country.

About Mylo: Mylo is a complete D2C platform for expectant and new mothers. It acts as a close companion to mothers as they embark on this journey of raising a family. The platform offers a personalized experience, a helpful community of mothers and experts, and curated products – everything a mother needs for her parenting journey. Last year, Mylo launched its own D2C brands for mothers and babies in personal care, premium Ayurveda and daily essentials based on community feedback and leveraging its R&D capabilities. . Recently, Mylo launched Mylo Clinic where a new mom or mom-to-be has access to curated health packages and can book consultations with doctors and experts. Mylo recently raised $17 million in Series B funding. At Mylo, the company’s vision is – “Increasing Happiness” for all mothers as “Happy Moms Raise Happy Families”. For more information visit:

Jennifer C. Burleigh