Development of Mulling PeduliLindungi into Super Application: Deputy Minister

PeduliLindungi might become one of the options (for a super government app) as it has been downloaded by nearly 100 million users

Bali (ANTARA) – The PeduliLindungi is an app that could be developed as a government super app that meets various community needs after the pandemic is over, Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises Kartika Wirjoatmodjo has said.

The idea is still under discussion as there is a new presidential regulation which is currently being prepared under the supervision of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, he informed. The new regulations will decide whether Indonesia will have a single government-person interface application or multiple government-person interface applications.

“PeduliLindungi could become one of the options (for a super government app) as it has been downloaded by nearly 100 million users,” Wirjoatmodjo said during a press briefing on the international SOE conference in Nusa Dua, here Tuesday.

The development of the PeduliLindungi app is currently under discussion by the public telecommunications provider PT Telkom Indonesia, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Communication and Information.

There are two potentials for the further development of the PeduliLindungi app. If the application becomes a health application, it will be used for health functions such as the provision of telemedicine services and services under the program of the public health and social security agency BPJS Kesehatan, among others .

However, if the application is used for broader government technology, it may lead to its use for other functions, such as social assistance.

Earlier, the deputy minister revealed that the government is considering repurposing the COVID-19 mobile contact tracing app PeduliLindungi after the pandemic is over.

PeduliLindungi has helped educate users that they don’t need to go out to see a doctor and get medicine because they can access these services through online platforms, Wirjoatmodjo said at the SOE International Conference Monday.

The app even won the title of “Best Government Collaboration for Pandemic Solution” in the 2022 Indonesian Brand Forum (IBF) award.

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Jennifer C. Burleigh