‘Deafening silence from governments’ writes women lawyers’ forum at CJI – The New Indian Express

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NEW DELHI: A group of women lawyers wrote to Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana on Friday asking for direction from the Center and state governments to ensure that members of minority communities enjoy the right to life in the dignity and to order a time-limited investigation into the ‘Sulli Deals’ and ‘Buli Bai’ app controversy.

Hundreds of Muslim women have been auctioned off on the “Bulli Bai” app with unauthorized and doctored photographs, and this has happened for the second time in less than a year.

In a letter, members of the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum (DHCWLF) highlighted the failure of the central and state governments to protect minority communities in India, their fundamental right to live in dignity and security, and have sought to put in place preventive measures guidelines to ensure the accountability of law enforcement agencies.

More humiliating than the existence of the apps themselves is the sheer audacity of some cowardly spirits to attempt something like this, twice, publicly, encouraged by the openly expressed bigotry among the general public and the lack of action by the police. and justice, he said.

“Auctioning women from a particular community online, not just once but twice, is not only a criminal offence, but it also deprives people of their right to live in dignity. People lose faith in the independence of investigative agencies and the lack of depreciation by the government is concerning,” said the plea endorsed by 77 DHCWLF members.

Events of recent years have indicated that the state has failed in its obligation to guarantee the fundamental right to life with dignity to minority communities in India, the plea reads.

“We call on the CJI and its fellow judges to treat our letter, as a petition letter, highlighting the failure of law enforcement agencies, central and state governments to guarantee minority communities in India their basic right to live. with dignity and security guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution of India and to put in place preventive guidelines to ensure accountability of law enforcement and preventive actions so that such incidents never happen again” , he added.

The lawyers presented six petitions to the Chief Justice of India, including instructions to district magistrates and superintendents of police in each district to prevent the defamation of minorities, the spread of false news about them and appeals genocide against the minority community.

Second, they requested instructions from central and state governments to provide and guarantee members of the minority community an atmosphere in which they can enjoy their right to life in dignity and security.

“Strictly prohibit auctions of human beings as inanimate objects,” the forum urged CJI.

The lawyers’ forum has also sought to monitor the criminal investigation being carried out by the Mumbai Police and ensure that it is carried out into the implications of the ‘Sulli deals’ and ‘Bulli Bai’ apps, including an investigation into the funding sources, money trail, and managers who set up the application.

“Draft the indictment with all relevant sections, including, if necessary, section 120 (criminal association) ICC. The Supreme Court may order a time-limited investigation,” the members of the DHCWLF.

The lawyers’ forum said there was a growing threat of violence and humiliation against the minority community, ‘particularly because there seems to be a deafening silence from central and state governments to unambiguously depreciate the same and late or slightly too late action by the law enforcement apparatus”.

He further added that the “Bulli Bai” application happened because no one was punished for the “Sulli offers”.

“Although FIRs have already been registered in the ‘Sulli Accords’ case, no one has been arrested and the investigation has not been launched, similarly,” the forum said in the plea.

The letter said inaction in the “Sulli Accords” case had encouraged the culprits to use images of free-thinking women seen as independent with dissenting voices.

He further pointed out that the spouse of a sitting high court judge was on the list of women on the app, which he said “exemplifies the sense of impunity that perpetrators have to be above the law”.

“This amounts to a serious attack on the independence of the judiciary and may have a chilling effect on the ability of other Muslims to serve as judges of the High Court and other courts. disproportionately into the justice system and that can make matters worse,” the petition adds.

Jennifer C. Burleigh