‘Dangerous building’ in South Fargo at risk of demolition – InForum

FARGO — At their meeting Monday night, Aug. 22, Fargo City Commissioners designated a vacant home at 437 23rd St. S. a hazardous building and directed the city attorney to order the rehabilitation or removal of the building by September 30 if the owner fails to do either.

The owner of the property is a New Jersey-based mortgage company, according to city records.

Fargo Inspection Director Shawn Ouradnik told commissioners the city was having trouble identifying the owner of the home after the death of a woman who owned it.

Ouradnik added that the city was having trouble communicating with the company that now owns the property.

According to information provided by the city:

City officials originally received a complaint about litter on the property in November 2020.

The city shut down water service to the property in July 2021 for nonpayment, and in November 2021 city officials determined that the building’s deterioration exceeded 50% of the property’s value.

City officials also found squatters using what was believed to be a vacant building.

A May 2022 city code enforcement report said an unsafe construction advisory had expired without a demolition or repair permit having been obtained. The report also said the house was in an unsanitary condition, with needles and other drug paraphernalia found in the yard and the house, which was built in 1954.

Also according to the report:

  • Attached garage collapsed
  • The plumbing had been cut and removed from most appliances in the house
  • There were signs of infestation in several rooms, including rodent droppings, nests and dead rodents
  • There was extensive water damage in the form of mold in the basement

According to the city, as of early August, police calls regarding the property were still logged, with 68 calls in total.

Jennifer C. Burleigh