Cyber ​​Group counts “The Tern” as the highest-visited anime forum projection

French animation house Cyber ​​Group Studios shared that his new action-adventure series The Tern was the highest-attended screening program at the annual Cartoon Forum television animation co-production meetup, held September 19-22 in Toulouse, France.

The Tern, which mixes European and Japanese graphic styles, screened on Tuesday, September 20 to a full house. The show was the flagship project among this year’s 80 animated selections from 19 European countries, totaling 473 hours of content, and received a phenomenal response from audiences, potential partners and the press, according to the studio.

“The welcome we received The Tern was stunning and very exciting,” said Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber ​​Group Studios. “It’s a wonderful series with a gripping storyline that is sure to be a hit with viewers in all markets.”

Pierre Belaisch, SVP of Creative Development for Cyber ​​Group Studios and Producer at Bee Prod., added: “The Tern is a beautiful production filled with action, adventure and suspense that will appeal to a wide audience. We look forward to sharing the series with our global partners.

The Tern (10 x 26′) is based on an original story by two acclaimed creators: Julien Dinse, author of over 60 animation scripts for major production companies, including Cyber ​​Group Studios; and veteran music director and screenwriter Christian Lachenal, who has worked on numerous comedy series, such as Cyber ​​Group’s Hero 50/50. The graphic designs were created by French artist Tony Valente, writer and illustrator of Radiant, the first French manga published in Japan; and Charles Barrez, art director and graphic bible author of Cyber ​​Group’s hit series gigantosaurus (seasons 1-3).

Direction The Tern is Slimane Aniss, who developed the action-adventure anime series Baidir and Ewilan’s quest, previously presented at Cartoon Forum. Aniss has spent over a decade working on commercials and video games as a freelance art director, director and motion designer for companies including Sony, Sega, Ubisoft and Dior.

Synopsis: The Tern follows flight paths around the Earth: a fleet of massive airships travel tirelessly above the devastated planet, shrouded in clouds and toxic mists. Within the Tern, the remnants of humanity live by strict laws, under the command of their unyielding captain, the Compass. Long ago the last dreamers gave up hope of returning to earth. And yet, someone seems to be sending signals from the ground. These impossible images haunt their only witnesses, a group of three teenagers. Their enthusiasm and their thirst for truth will push them to take great risks to unlock the dark secrets of this seemingly perfect micro-society.

Jennifer C. Burleigh