COVID-19: Kudus prepares an apartment building as an isolation center

With respect to face-to-face learning, we will first coordinate with the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (to see) whether learning should be set at 50% student capacity or online.

Kudus, Central Java (ANTARA) – To anticipate an increase in COVID-19 cases, especially the spread of Omicron infections, the government of Kudus has started preparing rental apartments in Bakalan Krapyak as an isolation site centralized.

“We have noticed that the trend of COVID-19 cases in our region is starting to increase, so it is necessary to prepare an isolation site immediately. If it has been prepared in the old building of the school of wise -women, it will also be prepared in the apartment,” Kudus District Chief Hartopo said here on Monday.

He said he expected the recruitment of health workers to be done soon as there was an overwhelming lack of health workers during the previous outbreak, so the volunteers had to step in. .

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The isolation center should have staff or officers, both health workers and other staff, he added. Those confirmed positive for COVID-19 and asymptomatic will be transferred to the center immediately, he revealed.

He said he also asked all hospitals in Kudus district to prepare isolation rooms for COVID-19 patients, especially intensive care beds. In addition, they were asked to prepare stocks of medicines, including personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers and oxygen, he added.

He then asked people to anticipate the possibility of an increase in cases and support prevention efforts by following health protocols.

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The Kudus district government has also asked the sub-district chief and the District Communication Forum to help each other to increase the vaccination rate among the elderly who are at risk of contracting the coronavirus, Hartopo said.

There will soon be stricter surveillance and restrictions in the area, he said. The number of visits to tourist attractions will also be limited, he said.

“In terms of face-to-face learning, we will first coordinate with the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum, (to see) whether learning should be set at 50% of student capacity or in line,” he added.

He pointed out that some schools are also still facing problems, especially with the number of working group members, which does not match the number requested in their applications for 100% face-to-face learning permits. .

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