Copycat app makes iPhone’s new “dynamic island” available for Android

  • Android developer Jawomo has released a copycat version of the iPhone 14 Pro’s new multitasking feature.
  • “Dynamic Island” is only available for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • The copycat version, called dynamicSpot, was created to address the need for a “camera island” on Android phones.

Thanks to Jawomo, a Android developer who released features like notification lights and audio reminders, the new iPhone 14 Pro feature, the dynamic island, is now available for Android users via a copycat version on Google Play.

The copious version, called dynamicSpot, has already been downloaded over 100,000 times.

“On Android, we don’t have camera islands, but camera spots/cutouts. So that’s when DynamicSpot was born,” Jawomo wrote in an online developer forum. “iPhone’s dynamic island isn’t customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change interaction settings, select when to show or hide the popup or which apps should appear.”

Android phone users who jumped at the chance have already flocked to the forum to share their thoughts.

The dynamic island gives iPhone users the ability to multitask and view all ongoing activity. Rather than visiting apps one by one, users can consolidate all of their activities in one place. They can check alerts, control music, set a timer, manage AirDrop connections, and follow map directions on the dynamic island. It appears when your iPhone is unlocked, according to Apple.

According to the description on Google Play, dynamicSpot offers Android users Dynamic Island’s “mini-multitasking functionality” and allows Android users to more easily access recent notifications or phone status changes.

Apple announced dynamic island earlier this month in a video preview of the feature – although not revealing much other than visuals. Dynamic Island is only on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which the company described in an ad as “a new design that introduces an intuitive way to experience the iPhone”.

Tech Advisor, a review site, called the dynamic island a game changer and one of the many new features in the iPhone 14 Pro that boosts its competitive advantage over Androids.

Jennifer C. Burleigh