Collat’s accounting professor wins elite award for gamification app – News

An app developed by a professor Collat ​​aims to connect students online and foster community among their peers.

Christopher Edmonds, Ph.D.Christopher Edmonds, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat ​​Business Schoolwon a silver award in the educational apps category at QS-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards for its gamification application, ClassCred.

QS-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards is the world’s largest awards program for innovative teaching methods, highlighting educators, education technology companies and other educational organizations working to improve learning outcomes. learning and student employment.

ClassCred is an application that gamifies participation in online courses on auxiliary platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Developed by Edmonds in 2019, the app took off after Edmonds began incorporating it into its online courses to create a sense of camaraderie and community among students who weren’t physically close to each other.

“In online courses, there’s usually no strong community and everyone works independently,” Edmonds said. “People don’t really make friends in online classes like they do in face-to-face classes. Our goal was to create a community for online students. We wanted students to come into a class and have friends.

With ClassCred, students can mention their classmates and use a flame emoji to react to messages from others. Each flame received is worth one point. Points earned can be used to redeem things like cheat sheets, extra credits, longer exam times, and study guides. Students can redeem points individually or create a community by pooling points for group purchases. The app is currently being used by a number of Collat ​​School of Business professors who teach online classes and want to interact with students in a more organic way.

ClassCred was the only US-based app to win an award in the education category, reflecting its growth and potential as a communication and connection app.

ClassCred launched thousands of posts and a sense of community

According to Edmonds, banding together to work as a team fulfills ClassCred’s mission to build community. In fact, ClassCred interactions have created friendships that have blossomed into study groups with UAB students around the world, despite being virtual classmates in an online forum.

Edmonds claims that the engagement generated by using ClassCred has led to more than 16,000 posts in some of its MBA classes. Integrating ClassCred into a communication platform students already use makes it easy to get and continue discussions, allowing for instant feedback and peer-to-peer camaraderie.

“The biggest benefit is that it’s so much more fun to teach our classes,” he said. “My classes are very engaged now. I connect with my students and they connect with each other. That’s the biggest win.

Jennifer C. Burleigh