CEO Forum Group: 10 CEOs Reshaping Healthcare

The CEO Forum Group released its list of 10 CEOs “who have created new value to improve healthcare and society” on March 22, according to Forbes.

The list is based on interviews with Robert Reiss, Forbes contributor and founder and CEO of the forum group, and his team. Each CEO was assigned a category defining their value to healthcare.

Here are the 10 most transformative CEOs for healthcare in America and their category, according to the report:

1. Robert Garrett, Edison CEO, New Jersey-based Hackensack Meridian Health: Innovation

2. Kevin Churchwell, MD, President and CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital: Pediatrics

3. Redonda Miller, MD, President of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore: Patient Experience

4. Howard Kern, President and CEO of Norfolk, Va.-based Sentara Healthcare: Integrated Healthcare

5. Bob Fontana, Founder and CEO of Chicago-based Aspen Dental and President and CEO of The Aspen Group: Consumer Healthcare

6. Stacey Stewart, President and CEO of March of Dimes: Charity

7. Tom Mihaljevic, MD, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic: Vision

8. Kate Gutmann, Executive Vice President and President Global, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Solutions at UPS: Supply Chain Logistics

9. Jeffrey Flaks, President and CEO of Hartford (Conn.) Healthcare: A National Model

10. Michael Alkire, President and CEO of Premier: Healthcare Technology

Jennifer C. Burleigh