Bello best for Tinubu youth campaign council

The Northern Nigeria Christian Youth Forum on Monday congratulated Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State on his appointment as the National Youth Coordinator of the Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Campaign Council.

The group said there was no better person for the job than the governor, given his impressive political achievements and strong ties to young people.

Tinubu, presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress, had in a letter titled “Appointment as National Youth Coordinator for the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council”, said Bello would champion an effective and messages that would lead to party victory. in 2023.

The NYCFN, in a statement by its general secretary, Paul Idoko, described Bello as a bridge between young and old generations as well as between North and South. According to him, Bello would be the game-changer that would give APC an edge over their rivals.

Idoko said no politician across the party line controls the governor’s acceptability, especially among the youths. He said that in Kogi State, the inclusiveness of youth in governance in Bello has paved the way for other states, adding that it has raised more awareness and empowered younger people to learn governance to become good future leaders.

Idoko also acknowledged the influence of the governor during the last primaries across the country which saw the emergence of many young people.

He said, “We welcome the selection of His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello as the National Youth Coordinator of the Tinubu-Shettima Presidential Campaign Council as a smart move. Bello ticks all the boxes.

“At 47, he is pretty much a young man and one of the youngest political leaders in the country. Bello is smart, widely accepted and commands the respect of Nigerians. He will be critical for the APC, all the more that he is loved by Nigerians regardless of age, religion and ethnicity.

“Bello did a phenomenal job in Kogi. No current governor or political office holder in the country comes close in terms of youth engagement at the highest level. He started the trend, leading to inclusive youth participation in governance. Like him, his deputy is a young man. Bello’s chief of staff and deputy are also young people. He is also surrounded by aides under 30.

“Recall in May, Governor Nyesom Wike of the PDP hailed Bello’s youth-friendly leadership. He said “governance is not just about sending young people to social media for campaigning, but engaging them in active governance like Bello is doing here.”

“On the home front, Bello has changed the dynamic and in recent primaries he has helped aspiring young Nigerians emerge as standard bearers for their parties.

“Besides his inexorable bond with Nigerian youth, the Governor has demonstrated an incurable penchant for gender balance in his Cabinet. Since 2015 till date, the Secretary to the State Government has been a woman. early in his administration also had a chief press secretary.His current aide-de-camp, contrary to usual convention, is female.Several women also serve as special assistants, commissioners, advisers, and even government administrators local.

The group has therefore instructed Bello to see his latest appointment as another step towards a secure, united and prosperous nation.

Idoko instructed the governor to get off to a quick start, devising a plan that will lead the party to victory. He expressed his confidence in Bello’s ability to succeed at work.

Jennifer C. Burleigh